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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Bracknell, UK, 25 September 2001

> Mobile Audio Really This Small.. <

New Koan Vector Audio format delivers audio branding in less than 1 SMS

SSEYO®, world leader in software platforms for wireless interactive audio, announces today new releases of its Koan software supporting Koan Vector Audio format (KVA) V2. With this new format quality non-voice mobile audio can be generated from as little as 10 characters of text. An example audio vector the size of our 32 character headline is given below. A typical rich, unique sound is only 1 SMS in size, which is around 150 characters. A complete music track including sound descriptions typically ranges from 500 bytes to 2 Kb. Koan Vector Audio is an open text format that includes note information, musical rules and complete sound descriptions - no audio samples are required.

The new releases include SSEYO Koan Plugins for Windows, Mac and Pocket PC, as well as SSEYO Koan Pro and SSEYO Koan X authoring tools. All Plugins support Koan Vector Audio tags within HTML OBJECT and EMBED statements, for the first time facilitating emails with truly embedded audio content yet with no requirement for javascript. For HTML enabled email packages, this means audio will play as soon as the email is opened, whether or not the user is online when reading the email. As Koan Vector Audio can be used to deliver an infinite range of sounds and music, applications abound for use in advertising, promotions, branding and sponsorship.

As well as support for the new Koan Vector Audio V2 format, all products include an enhanced software synthesiser. The Plugin APIs have been extended for application developers, now allowing easy webpage control of the synthesiser. This means that Pocket PC products like the Compaq iPAQ can be used to deliver very powerful webpage based audio applications and tools. The SSEYO Koan Plugins can communicate and interact seamlessly with Macromedia Flash, allowing Flash to be used for the application GUIs on both desktops and PDAs.

"This release is an important milestone in our work to support and facilitate cross platform audio in narrow band between convergent devices. The new plugin enables owners of relevant content to deliver rich media messages to their audiences in narrow band today. Personalisation of their messages by users is now possible with easy cut and paste applications. We know that our developer community will not be slow to utilise this new capability.", said John Tenconi CEO of SSEYO.



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About SSEYO - Mobile Music Making
SSEYO® (pronounced "say-oh") develops licensable software platforms for wireless interactive audio. SSEYO's product roadmap includes ringtone remixer engines, server and client side, through to comprehensive audio platforms for both low specification mass-market cell phones and high specification phones and PDAs. SSEYO's Koan software offers content developers unrivalled audio capabilities for a wide range of consumer electronic devices. Applications include entertainment, personalisation and commerce.

SSEYO's text based Koan Vector Audio format and software techniques allow sounds, music and FX to be generated from as little as 10 characters. Koan Vector Audio can be sent via SMS, enabling increased billable content to be driven through today's GSM networks.

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