The Truth about Cassiopaea: Ouiji Alien Alert
by Vincent Bridges
Parts I, II, III, IV

Greetings and Felicitations!

After months of "systematic harassment," cyber stalking, slander, libel of the most heinous and disgusting kind, lies, character assassination and outright attempts to destroy me, my livelihood and my work at the hands of Laura Knight-Jadczyk, her husband Ark and their various attack robots and duped minions, I have decided to fight back.

Previously, in an effort to be fair, I have refrained from defending myself publicly and used mainly their supposedly open egroup forums for that purpose. They have posted my repeated apologies and attempts, dating back to August of 2001, to distance myself from the Cassiopaeanists, none of which had the slightest effect except to increase the intensity of their attacks.

From that, any objective person might assume that my sole agenda has been to distance myself from the Cassiopaeanists.

If Laura and Ark had just taken all mention of me down from the site, as I have requested repeatedly, I would have been quite willing to let the whole thing drop. But they refused, and upped the ante yet again by blackmailing my former writing partner, Jay Weidner, into betraying our work together. Looking back, it is clear that that was the goal all along: to discredit me and destroy the work Jay and did on A Monument to the End of Time.

But, I can't afford to laugh off their insanity any longer. The time has come to publicly address the Cassiopaean Cult issue and tell the real, unedited version of the story.

To that end, I have set up as the main source site for the Cassiopaea Cult Awareness webring. On the site at the moment are the complete unedited transcripts of the Cassiopaean sessions from 1994 to 2000, available as a download and open to all comers. Also on the site is the beginning of a much longer article in which the complete story of the Cassiopaeans, Laura, Ark, Fred and my involvement with them will be detailed.

It is my honest opinion that the value of the Cassiopaean sessions can only be measured and evaluated by an open and honest exchange of information, and to that end the complete unedited transcripts have been made openly and freely available to all who are interested. I would also like to hear from those who have had experiences with the Cassiopaeanists, both good and bad, and I will be glad to put any response I get up on the site.

This is my form of closure on the whole affair, and in a minor and humble way, my service to humanity. If one person learns something from all this, then it will not have been wasted.

Free Cassiopaea! Free will in all things! And earth for the earthlings!

"Knowledge from which no wisdom is derived is a like a fortune from which no charity is bestowed..." Mohammed

Vincent Bridges

Notice from Fredric Irland:

Hi Vincent:

will now make the following statement on your behalf:

My name is Fredric Grant Irland. I give full and complete permission to Vincent Bridges to publish in full or in part the Cassiopaean transcripts in the way that he chooses and for whatever purposes that he deems appropriate.

I participated in all of the sessions that took place between July, 1994 and November, 2000. My participation in the channeling sessions was to an extent as great as or greater than that of any and all other participants.

Thank You,

Fredric Grant Irland

(Fred Irland participated as channel in every one of the Cassiopaean session between 1994 and 200. When he was not available, no channelling sessions took place. Some of the transcripts contain material that was channelled by Mr. Irland alone. Ms. Knight-Jadcyzk produced no material that was not without the direct assistance of Mr. Irland. After Mr. Irland left in October 2000, there were no viable sessions until March of 2001, when I, Vincent Bridges, took Fred’s role on the other side of the planchette. There were no further sessions until Laura and Ark began channelling the Not-Cs in early August of 2001. There are many references in the transcripts to the fact that Fred Irland’s participation was key to the project, and that without him, there was no contact with the Cassiopaeans.

(When Mr. Irland decided that, after nine years of interaction with Ms. Knight-Jadcyzk, he had simply had enough, Ms. Knight-Jadcyzk decided to retroactively erase his presence and importance. However, even though it is Ms. Knight-Jadcyzk’s main credibility crutch, she seems to have forgotten that The St. Pete Times article written by Tom French clearly reports Fred’s presence and importance. There is even a photo of their two hands on the planchette. This proves that her comments denigrating Mr. Irland’s significance are simply more of her multitude of lies.

(At the point that Mr. Irland left, there were no books planned, no sales of transcripts or nascent cults being developed. It seems that was his fear, and a good part of the reason why he made the decision he did. He has never given permission, in any way, for the material developed through his ability to be used as the basis for a cult or for the long-term aggrandizement of Ms. Knight-Jadcyzk. As soon as he was apprised of the current state of affairs, Mr. Irland agreed to publicly assert his copyright to the material, and at the same time make that material freely available to anyone who was interested. (Reprints and repostings must contain © Fredric G. Irland, 1994–2000) He asserts the moral and legal right to be identified as the author of the material, and the right to have that material used only with his permission.)



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