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Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault... out now!

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Medal Of Honour: Allied Assault... out now!

Reviews: PC Games - Dark Age of Camelot

Dark Age of Camelot

By Xenith (18 December 2001)

Dark Age of Camelot

Ups: Great graphics and crisp sound, more improved and refined game features than any other online RPG to date; improved guild creation system, expansive questing system, PvP game-play on each server, Realm vs. Realm game-play.

Downs: Specs may be under-defined for realistic game-play, character creation is limited to four characters per Realm.

Bottom Line: DAoC is Roleplaying at its best, every RPG enthusiast should invest in this game. Mythic have brought us the most comprehensive online roleplaying game to date.

Overall rating: 4.5 out of 5 fists   Excellent

WITH THE RELEASE OF DAoC comes an opportunity to put the worlds of Norrath, Asherons Call and Baldurs Gate aside. Now you can adventure in a world which has evolved from a myriad of myths, legends and actual locales set in the Dark Ages of historic Europe. This may prove to be a great draw-card for many MMORP gamers out there looking for just the right blend of reality and fantasy. DAoC definitely offers the avid online adventurer this and much more.

Graphically DAoC is pure eye-candy. If you’re into graphically appealing games, DAoC wont let you down. The eye-catching detail of Tir Na Nog is one example of some great handiwork by the lads at Mythic. Stimulating colours, extremely detailed buildings, textures and surroundings makes DAoC a very attractive game for those of you looking for something that ‘looks good’. The sound effects are great and the background music definitely sounds ‘crisp’ and clearer than the usual low detail formats used in other games. Technically, it’s important to note that if you’re thinking of running this game on a minimum spec machine, think twice. I would strongly recommend this game to be played on at least an 800mhz processor or better.

Click for enlargement

The game-play and layout of DAoC can be summed up as being somewhat similar to what other RPG games have to offer. There are three main realms that make up the world of DAoC: Albion, Hibernia and Midgard. Each realm offers distinctive new character types, classes and races. Albion is the home of Arthurian Legend, the wondrous Camelot and Avalon and therefore characters created here are predominately humanoid. Hibernia is the realm of Magic, Elves, Firbolg and Lurikeen whilst Midgard is home to the Norsemen, Dwarves, Trolls and Kobolds. Within each realm you have the choice of becoming a magic-user, warrior type, healer or rogue with differing professions or ‘paths’ to choose from as you progress in level. Sound familiar? Read on…

Click for enlargement

Character creation is simple. The only problem with creating characters is the fact that once you have chosen a particular realm to play in, you can’t choose a different realm for a different character. If you decide to create an Elvin Mage for example hailing from Hibernia, you will not be able to create a Norseman from Midgard or a Human Knight from Albion. You are restricted to choose characters from one realm per server. This is to support Mythic’s attempt to keep each realm distinctive from each other, thereby expanding the ‘realm vs. realm’ portion of the game-play.

Click for enlargement

Certain facets of the game-play in DAoC are distinctly more refined - for example Guild creation. Want to create a Guild? No problem; just visit the local Guild Registrar. Guilds can be created within the game. Another really nice touch worth a mention is the nifty introduction of the Guild Emblem. Once you have started or created a Guild and your members have attained a certain level, a 'Guild Emblem' may then be chosen by the Guild Leader. This guild insignia is then emblazoned upon items of clothing (cloaks and shields) worn by the guild's members. And if hacking and slashing away at mobs isn’t really your cup of tea, DAoC has integrated a very detailed questing system for those gamers who enjoy the adventure but are not too keen on the ‘killing to level’ aspect of most RPG’s. In support of this Mythic have opted to include a journal for adventurers, which updates as you progress through your quests. For the traveller in us all, Mythic have come up with the gem of all gems – access to Horses in the game. No need to worry about hiring a Druid to port you somewhere, visit the local Stable Master in town and you can purchase yourself a ticket to ride to the nearest town – nifty and cheap. Mythic have managed to combine elements missing from other games into one to bring you an online adventuring experience with an edge.

Click for enlargement

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   Mythic Entertainment


   Abandon Entertainment


   Official Web Site

System Requirements:

  •  Windows 95/98
  •  450 MHz CPU
  •  128 MB RAM
  •  500 MB available hard drive space
  •  Direct3D-compatible 3-D accelerator

Review System:

  •  Windows 98 SE
  •  Intel Pentium III 450 MHz
  •  256 MB RAM
  •  TNT2 Ultra
  •  Soundblaster Live!

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