The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture project is being developed in the Linux operating system and is released under version 2 of the GPL (GNU general public license) and the LGPL (GNU library general public license). The project originated from The Linux Ultra Sound Project.

Primary goals:

  1. Create a fully modularized sound driver which supports kerneld and kmod.
  2. Create the ALSA Kernel API which surpasses the current OSS API.
  3. Maintain compatibility with most OSS/Lite binaries.
  4. Create the ALSA Library (C, C++), which simplifies ALSA application development.
  5. Create the ALSA Manager, an interactive configuration program for the driver.

The project needs programmers willing to work on audio applications for Linux and programmers who can port low-level drivers from OSS/Lite and/or work on the ALSA Kernel/Library API. If you are an interested developer, please subscribe to one of the mailing lists. We welcome all ideas!

The schedule for the ALSA project is also available.

Planned driver architecture:

Note: Mixer, PCM, and Raw MIDI can have multiple devices per sound card. This is because some enhanced sound cards have two or more digital audio interfaces which emulate MIDI with the onboard synthesizer and have a MIDI UART for connecting external MIDI devices.

Copyright (c) 1998 by Perex, Czech Republic Advanced Linux Sound Architecture