Fri Feb 1 2002
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Anime is a unique style of cartoon from Japan. We're here to help you find out more about this unique art form.
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Manga Entertainment Press Panel
Metreon Festival of Anime
Who was there: Keith Burgess

Status of the Evangelion Movies

  • On schedule. The dates posted on web site are "buffers" (meaning they are worst case). They are working to get the discs out as soon as possible and Evangelion will probably be their biggest release yet (in terms of stuff on the discs).
  • Currently waiting on better sound for the Japanese sound track, so it can be in 5.1 as well. Right now its in stereo.
  • Hoping to get an interview with Anno Hideaki, but doubt that it will happen in time for the release.
  • They will have an interview and possibly a director's commentary with Tsurumaki Kazuya. That will be done at a sound studio somewhere in Japan. This will be added into the special features along with an interview and commentary by Yamaga.
  • Special Features: Image gallery, their own version of the red cross book, interview with voice actors, behind the scenes stuff, easter eggs. Each disc will have its own set of special features and will be broken up to coordinate with each disk. The one that basically is a compilation of the whole series will have the most goodies on it. The reason that they can't use the Red Cross Book is that so many people contributed to it that it would take too long to get permission from everyone.
  • There will be no changes to Death/Rebirth and the End of Evangelion. They are putting it all on 2 disks because they want to put so much stuff on each disc.
  • They are considering creating a box for the discs. They haven't figured out how to do the box sets yet, whether they want to sell one disc and the box, sell both discs and box, or sell all separately. Those details are still being worked out along with the box design.
  • Amanda Win Lee will be doing a commentary to go along and there will be an interview with Tiffany Grant.
  • Because Evangelion has such a large fan following, Manga has been collecting input as to what to put on the discs in terms of special features. Some of those requests will get incorporated into the discs. One of the fan things they would like to put on the discs is a fan video featuring scenes from Eva put to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. If you know who did this video, please contact

Current release schedule

  • Virus in May 2002.
  • Macross Plus Movie DVD is Feb.
  • Shadowskill is end of Nov. 2001
  • Gunbuster is late summer 2002.
  • Giant Robo is also late summer 2002. Currently trying to get the Gin Rei shorts as well.
  • Fist of the Northstar DVDs. Going to be as many episodes as possible on a dvd. So only 4-5. Not sure when the first disc will be released yet but it will have a box to go with it.
As a side note, it appears that Manga will be following Bandai Entertainment's lead and putting as many episodes as they can (with out affecting quality) on a disc. They like the idea of box sets, but they are still figuring out the logistics of how to do them.

Forum News
By popular demand, the forum is coming back. It was taken down because too many troublemakers were showing up and there was no way to keep them out. However, to get into the forum, you have to be part of Manga Fan Club. Keith is creating a manga membership card that has a serial number on it. That way only fans will be posting and not people who are trying to cause trouble. However if all you want to do is use the forum, then a membership card can be had for free by signing up at a convention that Manga is at or writing Keith and requesting one. Manga also plans to offer discounts to card holders and contests will be held for cardholders only.

If you want all of the fan goodies, it will cost you $12 to join. However for your 12 bucks, you get a quarterly newsletter, quarterly poster, pen, stickers, or as keith puts it "The crap that your mom will tell you to throw out." Everyone in the fan club gets stuff first before its available from the web site.

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