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I,  Omni82,  have created a new layout for this page that far exceeds the previous one.  All graphics were scanned and doctored by me.  Tell me what you think of the Tales new look and the stories contained within.

01/01/02 - Happy New Year!! Updates in the
U of PC parts 76-81, Spelling not Required chapters 5-6, and a new Layout!! I found this background somehwere online so if you made it, e-mail me for some sort of credit.

Yo!! Want the intimate details of the Pink Chicken and insider secrets to its creators? Do you want to be a character in its sequel? Check out this late breaking news here!!
Universe of the Pink Chicken: Behind the Perversity!! Also in the fanfiction section.

I added another entry to the poll.  For all you who want to vote for Aki's Panties, here they are!! Please consider voting more for the original characters!! Kitokiri could definitely beat Hotohori in a bangable beauty pagent . . .

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