Historic Aircraft Profiles

This web site is a collection of original color profile views of historic airplanes.

Each page listed below contains from 8 to 25 graphics depicting vintage aircraft oriented to a narrow theme, with brief descriptions. The subject matter encompasses old aircraft not only as they originally appeared, but as they have been operated and preserved up to the present day. In some cases, the original markings of individual aircraft that you may see in air museums or at air displays have been researched and juxtaposed with the colors in which they are preserved.

New pages, and new profiles on the existing pages, will be added to this site as I encounter new reference materials and get around to drawing them. Although a few of the pages will present a smorgasbord of different aircraft and paint schemes, in the majority of the pages the goal is a comprehensive and accurate look at a narrow slice of aviation history, generally a single aircraft type in the service of a single user. At present, there is a distinct bias toward Canadian military subjects of the 1940s and 1950s, but in the future the scope will expand to cover other nationalities and periods, including civil aircraft.

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I welcome comments and suggestions; feel free to e-mail me.

August T. Horvath
August 1, 1999

Profile Pages

Hawker Sea Furies of the Royal Canadian Navy, Then and Now
Preserved Sea Furies Around the World
North American Mustang Mk.IVs of the Royal Canadian Air Force
Curtiss Kittyhawks in Canada, Then and Now
Canadian-Built Hawker Hurricanes, Then and Now
Canadian Vickers-Northrop Deltas of the RCAF
Fokker E.Vs and D.VIIIs

Other Aircraft Profiles on the Web: Reviews and Links

Coming Soon

De Havilland Vampire Trainers Around the World

Royal Navy Corsairs

Fantasy Aircraft of 1929-41

How these Profiles are Done

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