Jared Takrouna Lane - Born 10/16/72

I’ve been drawing comics now for over 10 years, ever since High School. In New Zealand, however, there has historically been very little local industry, and it has always remained more of a hobby than a career.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Painting) from the University of Canterbury.At University I did a lot of work with various student newspapers (Canta, Caclin), and groups like Funtime Comics. When I left University, and eventually went overseas, comics took a back seat.

Living in Australia I got back into comics via my pals Clint Cure, Mike Fikaris   and the rest of the Malvern all-stars. My output has increased accordingly. A lot of old stuff has finally seen print, and there is a lot more on the way!.

Most recently I have finally moved into self publishing with my first solo effort Progress. It’s a collection of previously unpublished stuff, dating back to when I first left art school, and other bits and pieces as I’ve moved around the place.

Comics Bio:

  • Southbound, Funtime Comics Vol 1-3 1991-1993.
  • The Man With Gladwrap On His Face (written by Glen Standring), Canta 1992
  • Ham Fisted Penguin Tales (written by Jason Brice), Funtime Comics Vol 4-8 1993-1996.
  • Avatar (written by Jason Brice), 1993
  • Tales of the Flat-City, Canta 1995
  • Bonnie's Big Break, Caclin 1999
  • Judge Sarajin, Class of '79 1999
  • We’ll Still Be Friends, Tango Vol 3 (Aust) 2000
  • Today, Tomorrow, Tango Vol 3 (Aust) 2000
  • Co-Editor on Pure Evil Vol 5 2000
  • Cold Eyes, Hot Lead, Comic Exhibition at the High Street Project, Christchurch 2001
  • Contributor to Nga Tupuna. NZ Cartoonist Millenium Project 2001
  • Te-Kanawa and the Faeries, Officer Pup Vol 1 2001
  • Progress, 2001


Future Projects:

Along with further issues of Progress, following the adventures of Nathan, Jasmin and their pals in the near future, I hope to secure funding for a historical series of comics set in New Zealand. The Kaiapoi Kid is the first of these stories. Also on the drawing board is a series of contributions for the Rare anthology written by Jason Brice.


I’ve always been more influenced by European comics like 2000AD, Heavy Metal, along with the work of artists like Dan Clowes and Dave Cooper. You spot the influences.

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