The Proclamation Act of 1763 is announced by the English government to keep colonial settlers from moving into Indian territory west of the Appalachian Mountains.

   The Treaty of Paris is signed, officially ending the war between France and England, giving England title to virtually all territory east of the Mississippi River.

   The Ottawa Chief Pontiac, unites and leads the Indian nations of the Northwest Territory (Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio) against the English.


April 3, Treaty with Senecas

August 6, 1763, British forces destroy Delaware and Shawnee forces at Bushy Run

 August 12, Delawares, Hurons and Five Nations sue for peace

 September, Forts Pitt, Detroit and Niagara are strengthened against Indian Attack

 September 7, Treaty with Ottawas and Chippawas

 November 28, Hostage repartition between Indians and British completed

The treaty of Paris was signed at Versailles on February 10, 1763. By it, France surrendered virtually all her territory east of the Mississippi River, with the exception of New Orleans, to Great Britain. France then deeded New Orleans and a large expanse of land west of the Mississippi River to Spain. This compensated Spain for surrendering Florida to England; the British in turn, allowed Spain to retain control of Havana. France retained the islands of Saint Pierre and Miquelon in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence as bases for fishermen and regained the Caribbean islands of Martinique, Guadeloupe, and Saint Lucia.

 On April 3rd. At Johnson Hall in the Mohawk Valley of New York, Sir William Johnson signed a peace treaty with the Seneca nation. General Thomas Gage, who had succeeded General Jeffery Amherst as commander in chief, sent Colonel John Bradstreet with over one thousand men to the south shore of Lake Erie as a show of strength to demoralize the Indians in that region. On August 6, 1763, British forces, under Colonel Henry Bouquet destroyed Delaware and Shawnee forces at Bushy Run in present-day western Pennsylvania, paving the way for colonial settlement. However, England's King George III's Proclamation of 1763 prohibited settlement west of the Allegheny Mountains in an attempt to avoid contact with Native Americans. On August 12th the Delawares, Hurons and Five Nations of the Scioto Plains sued for peace. On September 7th at Detroit, Bradstreet formalized a peace treaty with the Ottawas and Chippawas


Battle of Bushy Run

Pontiac Uprising


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