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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The politicians and the media call the BNP "racist"? Is this true?

A: No. "Racism" is when you ‘hate’ another ethnic group. We don't 'hate' black people, we don't 'hate' Asians, we don't oppose any ethnic group for what God made them, they have a right to their own identity as much as we do, all we want to do is to preserve the ethnic and cultural identity of the British people. We want the same human rights as everyone else, a right to a homeland, security, identity, democracy and freedom. We are not against immigrants as individuals. We are against a system which imports cheap labour regardless of the wishes of the host population. The British people were never asked if they wanted a multi-cultural society, immigration was forced on us undemocratically and against the clear wishes of the majority.

Q: What solutions does the BNP offer to the immigration problem?

A: The first thing a BNP government would do is to stop all further mass immigration into Britain. Then we would put in place a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those foreigners resident in Britain would be encouraged to return to their lands of origin. We would offer them the proper cash provisions to do this. This would stop, reduce and then reverse the headlong rush to a majority ethnic Britain. This scenario would benefit not only the native British people, who would secure themselves a homeland, but those of foreign origin who would take invaluable benefits to their own countries by using the skills and money they acquired in Britain to help their lands of native origins develop. It is the only answer to the present problem, the alternative is that the British people become a minority and face an uncertain future as second class citizens in our own land.

Q: Where do you stand on racial attacks?

A: Racist attacks are wrong, plain and simple. The majority of racist attacks in this country are committed against white British people, contrary to the image that the anti-British mass media portray. If a race-attack takes place, and the victim is black or Asian, the result is an endless media circus, howls of condemnation against the perpetrators, and more calls for repressive crusades against supposed ‘racism’. If a race-attack takes place, and the victim is white, the result is usually total silence. No condemnation, no media fanfare, total silence. By contrast, the BNP condemns all racial attacks, including those on non-whites. It is not the fault of individuals that they are in our country, and the answer to the problems caused by mass immigration must be solved by democratic political change, not by violence.

Q: When you talk about being "British" what do you mean?

A: We mean the bonds of culture, race, identity and roots of the native British peoples of the British Isles. We have lived in these islands near on 40,000 years! We were made by these islands, and these islands are our home. When we in the BNP talk about being British, we talk about the native peoples who have lived in these islands since before the Stone Age, and the relatively small numbers of peoples of almost identical stock, such as the Saxons, Vikings and Normans, and the Irish, who have come here and assimilated.

Q: Why are you against mixed-raced relationships?

A: We are against mixed-raced relationships because we believe that all species and races of life on this planet are beautiful and must be preserved. When whites take partners from other ethnic groups, a white family line that stretches back into deep pre-history is destroyed. And, of course, the same is true of the non-white side. We want generations that spring from us to be the same as us, look like us, and be moved by the same things as us. We feel that to preserve the rich tapestry of mankind, we must preserve ethnic differences, not ‘mish-mash’ them together.

Q: Do you promote violence?

A: No. What possible advantage could we gain from it? The BNP feels that this country can, and will, only be changed by legal, democratic means. This is why we contest elections at all levels, from local parish council seats, to the General Election. There simply isn't any evidence whatsoever of any promotion of violence by the British National Party, it is all lies, lies and lies from a left-liberal media who know that our views and policies are shared by millions of people and so resort to unfounded smears rather than dealing with our arguments.

Q: Is the BNP anti-semitic?

A: No. Ordinary British Jews are allowed to join the British National Party. We do, however, regard with deep suspicion the promoters of Zionism, with their record of the aggressive and subversive pursuit of their political, business and ethnic interests, often to the detriment of non-Jews. But Zionism is a political problem that gets decent Jews a bad name, opposing it does not make us anti-Jewish.

Q: Are you against democracy?

A: No. We are for more democracy. If the British people had their views represented in government and public affairs, many of the bad things that have happened to this country would never have happened! Mass immigration to the point where the native British people will become outnumbered in their own country would never have happened, capital punishment would never have been abolished, the sell-off of our freedom and independence to Brussels bureaucrats would never have taken place, and whole areas of our country wouldn't have been turned into a foreign country. It is the lack of democracy, and the emergence of a ruling political class in which a minority of self-serving career politicians impose their views which is the problem. A completely democratic government system will be the cornerstone of Britain's future under a BNP government. We are against the present sham of 'democracy' in which whatever way people vote they get the same. We offer an alternative - as democracy is supposed to do - and for that the self-serving left-liberal elite accuse us of being undemocratic! Yet, in reality, by seeking to deny voters a choice, and by gagging free speech with so-called ‘Race Laws’, it is our opponents in the old parties and in the media who are the anti-democrats, the real fascists.

Q: Are you against freedom of speech?

A: We want more freedom of speech. People are sick and tired of being told what they are allowed to think and say within Britain. Increasingly, laws are being introduced or proposed to restrict our expression - witness the McPherson Report's demand that people should be arrested for what they say in their homes! Support for freedom of speech is one of our most popular policies. Patriots are independent-minded people who want freedom of speech, and would not accept any regime which did not permit it. We are always willing to debate with our opponents, but they refuse to do so. We would introduce, as one of the first things we will do, a bill of rights guaranteeing absolute freedom of speech for all citizens. Does that sound 'authoritarian'?

Q: Does not the nationalism you promote lead to war?

A: No. The set of ideals and policies which make up what is called "Nationalism" are already in place all over the world in black, Asian and Oriental countries. Simple things that are being taken for granted such as a homeland, law and order, protection of the environment, decent social structure, complete freedom of speech, a democratic system of government, are all things that are fundamental to nationalism. All of these things are enjoyed by about 90% of the world's population and this never leads to wars. But the suppression of peoples' wishes to keep their homelands has frequently led to war throughout history. That is exactly what is happening to the British and we are opposed to it. It is multiculturalism that leads to war - witness Yugoslavia, Israel and Kashmir!

Q: Are you 'anti-European'?

A: Absolutely not! We want a great friendship with our European neighbours. The real 'anti-Europeans', are the ones determined to strip the unique peoples of Europe of their democracy and freedom and hand their destiny over to unelected bankers, Eurocrats and international financiers. We share a common ethnic identity with the various European peoples, all we oppose (like all the peoples of European countries) is a European Superstate run by a liberal élite who want to flood Europe with immigrants.

Q: What would the BNP do about crime?

A: The BNP is the only party in Britain that offers any practical solutions to the growing problem of crime. We would simply adopt a policy of "Zero Tolerance, replacing liberal concern for the ‘rights’ of criminals with a proper emphasis on the rights of victims, and on the rights of people not to become victims. We would toughen up the courts to apply stricter sentences, put the necessary resources behind the police and release them from the paralysing straightjacket of political correctness.

Q: What about Trade Unions?

A: We are not against trade unions at all, contrary to the lies of the Far-Left. Ideally, we believe that as much of industry as possible should be owned directly by those who work in that particular factory. This "owners should work, and workers should own" solution, principally involving workers' co-operatives on the famous Mondragon Basque country) model, would, of course, make unions obsolete in the workplaces involved. Where, however, the existing method of industrial organisation continues, we believe that strong trade unions are vital to protect the workers from exploitation (something that the leftist leaders of too many unions now are failing to do, especially when it comes to standing up against foreign imports, the importation of cheap immigrant labour, and the shifting of productive capacity to the Third world). We believe that there should be one union in each industry, so as to avoid demarcation disputes and such like. Apart from that, the only thing wrong with trades unions is that too many are still dominated by 'former' Marxists who, although not now aiming to impose a Soviet tyranny on everyone else, are still fixated on nonsensical Marxist dogma about equality and anti-racism - something that makes these time-servers a menace not just to their members but to the whole of our society.

Q: What is the BNP's stance concerning religion?

A: The BNP takes no particular religious position. The BNP would preserve the long British tradition of separating Church and State. The dangers facing the British people are so great, that it would be crass criminality to allow our people and our race to be divided along religious lines. We have to save our country first! We are, however, opposed to the growth and increased militancy of the various Asiatic religions that have been brought to this country by mass immigration.

Q: What would the BNP do about the environment?

A: The BNP is the true Green Party! The BNP is the only party in Britain with the will to take action to prevent environmental disaster, and halt the forces behind environmental destruction, namely the scramble for profits causing unfettered pollution and the short-term attitudes of materialist politicians. Our ideal is that of a clean, beautiful country, free of pollution in all its forms, where nature, agriculture and industry work in balance, with long-term considerations taking precedence over profit and convenience.

Q: What about agriculture, the countryside and rural issues?

A: The BNP is the only party to stand firm for the independent British farmer. We oppose the forces of free-trade and globalisation which are wreaking havoc on our beautiful countryside, and the farming and fishing industries. We will switch farming emphasis onto maximum national self-sufficiency, encouraging farming to supply a much greater part of the nation's need in food products. We will revive the UK's fishing industry with the reestablishment of the former exclusion zones and the introduction of new rules to prevent depletion of fish stocks. Priority must be switched in farming policy to encouraging organic production, with its clear health and environmental benefits. I support the use of a graduated land-tax designed to encourage family farms and highly productive smallholdings, and to stop and reverse the present trend towards agri-business monopolies.

Q: What about the European Union?

A: The European Union is a corrupt, totalitarian beast gobbling up the independent and free nations of ancient Europe. We want a Europe of traditional white nations, free and independent, not a multicultural, multiracial, dictatorial and bureaucratic European Superstate. Britain must secure its proud one-thousand-year-old freedom as an independent country by withdrawing from the European Union. If we do not, Britain will become a mere province, ruled from Brussels, with no influence whatsoever and no control over its own affairs. This is not the future we want, it is not the future the people want, it is not the future the people of Europe want. Only the self-serving liberal-left elite want it, and it’s time for the British people to tell them where to put their federal European ‘dream’!

Q: What is the BNP's view on the Single European Currency?

A: The Single European Currency is the foundation for a European superstate. It is a stepping stone towards that end. We will retain the pound as our sovereign currency, and will withdraw from EMU.

Q: How would the BNP conduct Britain's foreign affairs?

A: Britain's foreign policy under a BNP government will be to maintain the highest degree of friendship with all nations of the world, while making clear that they in turn should respect our sovereignty. Our foreign policy will be geared to developing the British overseas ties with our sister nations of Canada, Australia and New Zealand in a new white Commonwealth of free nations that cooperate in all ways possible.

Q: What about genuine asylum seekers?

A: The United Nations states that those forced to flee persecution to claim asylum should seek refuge in the first peaceful country they come to. On this basis, generally the internationally recognised one, we will not accept those seeking asylum apart from those fleeing the countries immediately surrounding Britain, such as Holland, France, Norway, Germany, Belgium or Ireland. We would only consider citizens of these countries for asylum.

Q: What about devolution?

A: We favour devolving decision-making to the most local level possible. We regard the present system of devolution in Scotland and Wales as, in large measure, an EU-inspired trick to break up the UK and thus opposition to a European Empire. We favour a federal British government, in which all members of the British family of Nations have their own governments which take care of all aspects of governance practically dealt with at local level. At the same time a supreme government of the British Family of Nations should care of matters of national significance, such as overall economic policy, defence and foreign affairs. We look forward to the day when the people of the republic of Ireland agree to join such a political system, thereby ending the long and disastrous troubles caused by a combination of old-fashioned imperialism and Marxist republicanism.

Q: What is the BNP's view of the separate cultures of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Ulster?

A: We are very proud of our rich British heritage, and believe that everything possible should be done to encourage all aspects of it. This includes the heritages and cultures of the individual British nations of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Ulster. Together we all make up the nation of Great Britain! United we stand, divided we fall!

Q: What about unemployment, jobs and free trade?

A: The BNP calls for the selective exclusion of foreign goods from British markets and the reduction of foreign imports. We will ensure that as many as possible of our manufactured goods are produced in British factories, employing British workers. If this were done, unemployment in this country would be brought to an end, and good, well-paid employment would flourish, at last getting our people back to work. We deplore the degree to which Britain's industry, commerce, land and other assets have been allowed to fall into the hands of foreign owners. We are pledged to ensure that all vital national assets are restored to British ownership. We also call for preference in the job market to be given to native Britons.

Q: What about Capital Punishment?

A: We support the restoration of Capital Punishment for premeditated murder, and as an option in the case of serious sexual abuse of young children, in cases where a conviction is backed up by DNA evidence.

Q: What is the BNP's view on the Monarchy?

A: As a party of tradition, we see the one-thousand-year-old British Monarchy as an integral part of Britain’s heritage. We do, however, have no time for certain treacherous individuals currently associated with the Monarchy. We urge people to see the distinction between the institution of the Monarchy, and some of the people currently in the public eye, who pander quite unashamedly to the anti-British forces of political correctness.

Q: What will the BNP do in relation to the troubles in Ulster?

A: The issue is very complex and is constantly made harder to fully understand thanks to the spin of the anti-British mass media. Britain must sort out the problems in Northern Ireland once and for all. The Marxist IRA and its allies must be dealt with in the proper fashion, and all measures necessary to that end must be employed. We must cancel the Good Friday Agreement and the Anglo-Irish Agreement and declare that Northern Ireland will remain British for all time. We favour the establishment of a non-sectarian parliament in Northern Ireland, and the abolition of the segregated school system that has done so much to perpetuate the problems of the religious divide. Parents should be free to provide for their children’s religious education, but it should be done at their own expense and outside of normal school hours.

Q: What about Education?

A: We are against the ‘trendy’ teaching methods that have made Britain one of the most poorly educated nations in the Western World. We will restore discipline in the classroom, give authority back to teachers, and provide far greater educational resources to train young people in the industrial and technological skills necessary for Britain’s economic survival in the modern world. We favour a school system that provides equality of opportunity, but which is dedicated to the development and pursuit of excellence. Human nature is competitive and different individuals have innately different levels of potential. Educational policy must be geared to providing for such different levels, and particularly to encouraging the brightest pupils, who must become the problem-solvers and innovators of the next generation.

Q: What about the NHS and health?

A: We are wholly committed to a free, fully-funded National Health Service for all British citizens. We will ensure a root-and-branch overhaul to enable for better medical services, and will see to it that no money is given in foreign aid while our own hospitals are short of beds and the staff to run them. More emphasis must be placed on healthy living in the first place, through greater understanding of sickness-prevention through physical exercise and improved diet. We recognise that the constant advance of medical technology means that expectations are rising so quickly that a national debate is needed to set the boundaries at which free care is provided. Is a very old patient with cancer to have a massively expensive operation for another long-term, complaint? for example, is typical of the dilemma - moral as well as financial - that can only be answered as a matter of general principle by the population as a whole, not by a handful of politicians.

Q: What will the BNP do in regards to the undemocratic power of the mass media?

A: A free press is vital to the health and vitality of the country. But recent decades have seen the mass media turned into propaganda organs of the drive to turn Britain into a third-world, Politically Correct province ruled from Brussels. In order to break the undemocratic internationalist monopoly on the mass media and hence on the body politic, we propose democratising measures including: the introduction of a statutory Right of Reply; far stricter anti-monopoly laws; and the bringing of the mass media under British ownership, with a ban on foreigners owning sections of the British media and so being in a position to distort political debate for their own ends.

Q: Does the BNP have any answers to the problems of the transport industry?

A: We shall make a massive investment in Britain's system of public transport to bring it up to the highest standards in the world. Congestion of our towns and cities must be eased by the provision of greater incentives to use rail and bus transport instead of private cars. It is wholly wrong for governments to use high fuel taxes as a means of forcing people to use public transport before first making sure that public transport is efficient and safe.

Q: What is the BNP's policy on defence and the Armed Forces?

A: We will ensure Britain's armed forces are able to deal with any emergency, and maintain British sovereignty over our national territory. We favour a boost in defence spending, with spending priority given to training and advanced weapons. We will bring our troops back from Germany and withdraw from NATO, since recent political developments make both commitments obsolete. We will close all foreign military bases on British soil. We will maintain an independent British nuclear deterrent. We will restore National Service for our young, for the purposes both of boosting our defence capability, breaking down the class barriers that still afflict the country, and of giving them a sound training in citizenship.

Q: What is the BNP's views on the family?

A: We favour a return to healthy moral values and policies aimed at strengthening the family and community. We will strengthen Section 28 to protect our children from homosexual propaganda.

Q: What is the BNP's policy in regard to homosexuality?

A: We believe that homosexuality is wrong and unhealthy for any community. Even so, no one wants to see homosexuals persecuted for being what they are. That's why homosexuality was legalised. Nevertheless, the flood of homosexual propaganda to 'normalise' this tendency has been both unforeseen and corrupting. Consequently, there will be a ban on the public display and promotion of homosexuality, including in schools and in the mass media.

Q: What policy in regards to culture will the BNP pursue?

A: The BNP will ensure that traditional British culture is promoted throughout the land. The liberal-left and multi-national capitalism have both sought to subvert and destroy our native culture, for a mixture of ideological dogma and the maximisation of profit in a ‘globalised’ world. We will ensure regional and local heritage centres are set up to promote British culture and history, and that much greater emphasis is put on these subjects in all levels of education.

Q: What does the BNP think about The City and the Stock Market?

A: Finance should serve the national economy and the people, rather than the opposite, and we will introduce whatever measures are necessary to ensure this. Investment policy in Britain has been short-termist and fixated on overseas investments that benefit only a handful of bosses and shareholders. This must be changed so that the wealth created by the hard work and genius of the British people is used to benefit the British people.

Q: What role does the BNP envisage women taking in our society?

A: The BNP believes that the British nation should not allow itself to be divided along gender lines by our enemies. Men or women, we are all British! We recognise that men and women are essentially and inherently different, but this does not make the sexes unequal. We believe that men and women doing the same jobs should get the same salary, but would end the artificial politically correct promotion of either sex into jobs for which they tend to be less well suited. We would introduce financial incentives for women to have children and so offset the present dangerously low birthrate. Wages for mothers would give women the choice to stay at home and be mothers or go out to the world of work. Many women who want to stay at home and provide the best upbringing for their children are forced out to work. The British National Party would end this outrageous discrimination against the family. Together with building a healthier economy, this will remove the present necessity for so many to take low paid jobs, ending the present spectacle of exploitation disguised as ‘rights’. In a BNP Britain women will have a choice on whether to seek employment, and will not be forced to make a decision between children and career.

Q: Will the BNP promote fitness, health and sports?

A: Yes! The BNP understands that these are vital to ensure a healthy nation.

Q: What will the BNP do in the field of housing?

A: With a huge section of the ethnic minority population resettled in their own homelands, and the regeneration of our inner cities, this will reduce the huge number of people moving out of cities into the countryside. Priority will be given to building on the vast acreage of disused brown field sites in cities rather than on Greenfield sites.

Q: What is the BNP's view on abortion?

A: The BNP regards the abortion of healthy infants as wrong, except in the circumstances of pregnancy due to rape, or if the child will clearly be born being heavily disabled or handicapped. The BNP will close down what has become a nationwide profit-driven child-killing industry. Especially with our birthrate below replacement level and with a huge demand for babies for adoption, there is no reason to abort a healthy baby.