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Chris, Mark & Terry's Apple ][ Home Page
Chris, Mark & Terry's Apple ][ Home Page

]CATALOG Welcome to Chris, Mark & Terry's Apple ][ Home Page! All three of us grew up around computers in the early 80's, and our computer of choice was the Apple ][. Chris & Mark each had an Apple ][+, while Terry had an Apple ][e. Of the three of us, Mark is the only one who still has his. Chris received a donated Apple ][+ from a visitor of this site.
Here is our tribute to the first "real" home & office computer.

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DOS, Linux, Mac System 7, and Amiga.

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Brought to you by Chris Duke, Mark Fischer and Terry McCurdy -- Apple ][ Enthusiasts.

Chris with Apple ][+ in 1984 Mark & Terry
Chris in 1984
Mark & Terry

Well not really...

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