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1/23 - Mark Coleman
1/28 - Chuck Liddell
2/3 - Jens Pulver
TITO ORTIZ UPDATE - Monday 2/3 - Here'e the latest on the injury. It's confirmed that Tito Ortiz did tear his ACL. He did it in training and he did it while wrestling. He will not fight against Vitor Belfort. Now the question is who will be the opponent. Sources say it's likely to be the Iceman Chuck Liddell. He is currently training full tilt now and it could be just a matter of time before this deal is signed. When Liddell was contacted by mmaweekly this weekend, he said that he hasn't signed any deal with Vitor Belfort. Asked if he would fight Belfort he said only if Tito could not fight. Chuck went onto say that he fights anytime, anywhere and another pay day is never bad. Look for Zuffa to make an official statement sometime today regarding the situation.

Sunday 2/3 - We wish we had more news, but right now things are a little quiet on the Tito Ortiz front. This is what we do know. He is injured, it is his knee, and it doesn't look good for this match to happen. Ortiz still wants to fight, but at this point it doesn't look like Zuffa wants to take chances. Now mmaweekly did talk to Chuck Liddell late Saturday Night. Liddell had not be offered a contract to fight Vitor Belfort. When asked if he was interested in fighting, he simply replied "I'm more concerend about my boy Tito Ortiz, I feel horrible for him". When asked if Tito didn't fight, would he be interested? "it's another pay day which is nice, but I don't want to think that way until Tito is official out. He still could fight."

SATURDAY BREAKING NEWS!!! - MMA Weekly's Kelly Hammer reports that it appears Tito Ortiz has hurt his knee in training. He did it while wrestling as he was preparing to take on Vitor Belfort in UFC 36. Now he is NOT out of the fight just yet. Saturday he will undergo tests to see how bad the injury really is. Doctors will wait and see what the damage actually is before making a decision whether or not he is officially out of UFC 36. MMA WEEKLY will have an update late Saturday Night or Early Sunday Morning.

Weekend - 2/2 Alright everybody coming up on Monday check out our exclusive interview with Jens Pulver. He talks about his match with BJ Penn and the upcoming match between Lindland and Miletich.

We also have a new column up today. Its the story of a new fighter on the Mixed Martial Arts seen. He is known as a "no-name fighter" because this is his first fight. Brent Petersen has kept a diary of what it’s like to get ready for his first fight! He takes you 24 hours before the fight, the fight itself and after the fight making just $250 dollars!!! Enjoy the read.

-We also complied your TOP 10 Rankings and have posted it at the bottom of this page. It's pretty close to the official list but each weight class does have differences. Thanks to everyone who email us here at mmaweekly.com


This Week - The life of a No-Name Fighter in MMA's. Column by Brent Petersen

The Following is the story of a new fighter to the Mixed Martial Arts seen. He is known as a no-name fighter because this is his first fight. Brent Petersen has kept a diary of what it’s like to get ready for his first fight! He takes you 24 hours before the fight, the fight itself and after the fight making just $250 dollars!!!

The Night before…
6:00 p.m.
As I hang up the phone, I am very frustrated at the way things are going with the fight. Everybody in my weight class has backed out of fighting. That is fine, but don’t talk it up like you going to kick ass and then back out at the last minute making it difficult to find a replacement. Shit, I know that I am going to have to fight out of my weight class. I don’t want to but I trained and I dieted down and lost some chub to fight in a normal weight for someone my size. I hope I am not doing something stupid.

11:00 pm
I am actually feeling pretty good. I am feeling like I will win the fight. The other fighter is inexperienced like me, so that makes me feel better.

Fight Day….

I tossed and turned a little last night, with scenes of the fight going through my head. But I still slept alright.

10:30 a.m.
I just talked to the promoter and agreed to fight the larger fighter. He is 6’2 210lbs., I guess he boxed or wrestled in the marines. I am 5’6 175, so there will be a weight disparity. All my friends and some of my family will be there to watch and many are expecting me to win. I think I can win. I am feeling very confident right now. Well I guess that I can eat whatever I want know. I am going to eat a huge breakfast.

2:00 p.m.
I am starting to feel a lot of nervous energy right now. I am stopping by my parents house to tell my dad what I am doing and ask if he wants to watch. But I am not going to tell my mom, she would worry all night. As I leave there house I am starting to get nervous.
Now I am heading to subway to get the last meal before my fight. After I eat and sit I am starting to feel better.

4:00 p.m.
As we pull up into the venue, I am starting to get really nervous. The butterflies in my stomach are really moving. I start getting this habit of looking at everyone and figuring out who I am fighting.

4:30 p.m.
I glance over into the warm-up area and spot this big f… as my buddy tells my that he is the guy that I am fighting. I think to myself, “I am taking him down, there is no way I am standing up with him.” Now I have to wait two hours with the butterflies. This really sucks dick.

5:30 p.m.
I met some of the guys from jujitsu class. I started feeling better as they gave me some encouragement. Dave, helped me get warmed up and was very positive. As each match ended, the butterflies grew.

5:45 p.m.
I can’t believe that my opponent came up to me. He is a nice guy. But I really didn’t want to talk to him. It weirded me out a little.

6:30 p.m.
My match was just about to begin. Dave said, “He is a marine, so I can guarantee that he is going to come out swinging.” As I started walking up to the ring the crowd was screaming and all the butterflies were replaced with euphoria. I was on top of the world. I felt awesome. I climbed into the ring and felt awesome. That short lived feeling of popularity was abruptly ended when that big bitch stepped onto the other side of the ring. “Oh shit I thought.” But as they were announcing, that fear again faded and the sound of the crowd bolstered me. Then I realized that the bell was about to ring and that fear returned for a split second until the bell actually rang and then I felt nothing but, I don’t know, you don’t feel anything. You just fight.

He didn’t come out swinging. So I cautiously approached him. And felt him out with a jab. He jabbed back and dropped his hands so I launched a right hand in there and landed. He suddenly charged me and I tried to duck under and go for a double leg but he was to quick head locked me. The first thing that I was worried about was knees, but he wasn’t throwing any. I attempted a counter but he sprawled, so when he did I threw him and obtained cross side. I rested for a second and then started to set up for an arm bar but he had very good defense. My corner kept crying out for me to mount. But again he had good defense to this. He then started to try and knee my head. This pissed me off and so I gave him a couple of knees to his side. I could tell that this hurt him and his defense opened up and I mounted. I went to punch but he gave me his arm and I took the kimura.

I started to crank away and he wasn’t tapping. His shoulder started pooping, and I kept cranking and he finally tapped. I was relieved. I started feeling really good a few minutes later. It was good to win.

After the fight, some of the guys came up to me and congratulated me. I got paid a whopping $250 dollars plus another $250 for the win. Guys it’s in my blood now. I just love to fight. Yea the money isn’t great, but it did help me pay rent that month and to be honest I would fight for free. I love this sport!

You can email comments or questions about this column to me.


Next Week: What Jens did right and BJ did wrong in the Main Event

Little Evil - JENS PULVER
He is the champion and at UFC 35, Jens Pulver showed
why. As the champ he was still a 3-1 underdog against
one of the top fighters in the world….B.J Penn. He
overcame the odds and now must be considered one of
the top pound for pound fighters in the world. We
recently caught up with the champ and had this
interview for mmaweekly.com

RB: Jens, good to talk to you again, thanks for
making time for me.

JP: Anytime Ryan.

RB: You know I don’t think I’ve ever seen you so
pissed off before a fight than UFC 35. You were
legitamately p’o’d about being such a big underdog
weren’t you?

JP: (Smiles) Yea I was a bit pissed off. With all
the training and all I’ve accomplished… how was I, the
CHAMPION such a huge underdog? It didn’t make sense
to me. I have the utmost respect for BJ, he IS the
real deal no doubt, but that big of an underdog was
not right. It helped my training though. It’s tough
to get up everyday and train, but with that kind of
motivation it really helped me train better and get in
top shape. It prepared me for this fight. I think it
showed in the octagon.

RB: I thought it was interesting that you said you
learned more about BJ in those 11 seconds against Caol
Uno than any of his previous fights….What did you see?

JP: It was just some subtle things. I saw that he had
his hands down and he kinda dipped his head allowing
himself to be hit. I felt in my fight with him, I
could catch BJ with my left. Now I didn’t catch him
like I would’ve wanted to, but I did score punches
especially later in the fight. That helped me get the

RB: That second round he had you in trouble, what
happened at that the end of second round?

JP: I didn’t know he was climbing my body. I know I
couldn’t give up my back so I gave up the mount. I
spun out of it the first time. The second time, which
was at the end of the second round, Jeremy Horn who
was in my corner yelled “five seconds”. I didn’t even
try to defend it. I knew I had time on my side.
Right at the buzzer he cranked it on tight and I
pushed his leg off me. That was it.

RB: A lot of people said you tapped.

JP: I know! That totally took me off guard! People
say I’m tapping, when all I did was push his leg off.
The buzzer sounded as he started to crank it, so I was
thinking knock it off, the buzzer has sounded, so I was
just like, o.k. that’s it. You can stop now.

RB: I know you will be watching the Din Thomas vs
Matt Serra match very closely. Do you feel the winner
will fight you?

JP: Yea I could see that. I lost to Din a couple of
years ago but I would love a rematch. Din and I have
actually become good friends after that fight. I
won’t lose any other fights. If it’s Serra then I got
a lot of work to do. He’s a tough guy just like Din
is. I tell you the one guy I really want to fight.
ROYLER GRACIE. He is a true legend in the sport. To
have a Gracie on your resume is the best thing you can
have. To be honest it would be a bigger fight than
B.J. That would be a HUGE fight!

I would also like to fight Rumina Sato. I would hope
Sato could get in at least get one fight in the UFC
before we fought. That’s important to me. A win in
the UFC for Sato would build him up. It would allow
the hype that made the fight between BJ and I so
special. The buildup to a fight is what makes it so
great, that’s what MADE the title fight and main
event in BJ vs Jens so special.

RB: You have a couple of your teammates getting after
it in Vegas. Tell me your thoughts on the Matt
Lindland vs Pat Miletich matchup?

JP: Matt Lindland is a decorated fighter in his
freestyle and greco. Pat’s giving up weight in this
one. Matt has handled submission guys like Shoji and
Almeida with relative ease. The Baroni fight though
was interesting. Phil gave him fits. Baroni really
wobbled Lindland. That was the first time we’ve seen
Matt in big, big trouble. Pat Miletich can punch. I
think Pat can use uppercuts and really work his boxing
without any fear. Pat’s guard is proven and he didn’t
have any trouble with Carlos Newton on top. Pat was
dominating that fight with punches and really the
whole package. Newton was having a lot of trouble
dealing with Pat, but to his credit Newton caught him
when Pat made a mistake. It was just enough to get
Newton a win in a fight he was losing.

It will be interesting to see what happens with
Lindland. I know Pat won’t get tired like Baroni did
in that third round. Phil fought a great fight be he
was winded and couldn’t quite finish. Pat is used to
five round wars and he’s been there before. Pat can go
five rounds and five is different than three. Pat can
go full throttle the whole time and not worry about
getting tired. He will be bouncing the whole time.
Pat just can’t let Lindland bully him around in this
fight that will be the key.

RB: You did a tremendous job in your guest analyst
role in UFC 34. Is that something we will see you do
in the future?

JP: Yea I hope so. I had a blast doing it. It’s
very fun and easy for me. I really enjoy breaking
down the fights. I hope I can do it again soon.

RB: Alright champ, thanks for visiting with me. I
really respect what you do in there and I know you
respect the sport a lot. Publically I want our fans
to know how great of a spokesman you are for MMA in
general, keep up the good work.

JP: Thanks a lot. I really enjoy talking with guys
like you that also love the sport. Give me a call
anytime and I will see you in Vegas.


Thanks to everyone who gave us your TOP 10 Rankings. Here is the list YOU put together.

1-Randy Couture
2-Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira
3-Pedro Rizzo
4-Igor Vovchachyn
5-Ricco Rodriguez
6-Mario Sperry
7-Heath Herring
8-Mark Coleman
9-Josh Barnett
10-Kazuyki Fujita.

Light Heavys
1-Tito Ortiz
2-Vanderlai Silva
3-Chuck Liddell
4-Vitor Belfort
5-Dan Henderson
6-Kevin Randleman
7-Guy Mezger
8-Ricardo Arona
9-Elvis Sinosic
10-Allan Goes

1-Kaz Sakuraba
2-Frank Shamrock
3-Matt Lindland
4-Renzo Gracie
5-Andrei Semenov
6-Dave Menne
7-Sanae Kikuta
8-Pele Landi-Jons
9-Paulo Filho
10-Ikushisa Minowa

1. Anderson Silva
2-Pat Militech
3-Carlos Newton
4-Matt Hughes
5-Hauato Sakurai
6-Gill Castillo
7-Shawn Sherk
8-Frank Trigg
9-Shonie Carter
10-Testsuji Kato

1-Jens Pulver
2-BJ penn
3-Din Thomas
4-Rumina Sato
5-Takoanori Gomi
6-Caul Uno
7-Dennis Hallman
8-Dokonjonosuke Mishima
9-Fabiano Iha
10-Ryan Bow

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