easy half-updo
a quick fix The dilemma: You don't have time for an elaborate updo, but your hair looks too limp to wear down. The solution: a simple half-updo. "This style has all the effects of a serious updo, but it's easier," says stylist Luca Blandi, who has worked with Nicole Kidman and Sarah Jessica Parker. "It's soft-looking yet polished." Julia Roberts proves you can pull off a pulled-back style in no time flat. Don't have even a minute to spare? Keep a brush, comb and hairspray in your desk drawer, and start at step 2.
step one Apply mousse to damp hair from roots to ends to keep it soft and pliant. Blow-dry with a round brush. Flip hair up and out with the brush instead of curling pieces under.
step two Divide hair into front and back sections. Brush the front section up into a flat ponytail at the crown of the head, leaving a small section of hair near the forehead out of the elastic. Tease hair with a natural-bristle brush. Start with the front piece. Next, tease section behind the elastic band and in back.
step three Smooth back the teased front piece with a brush to cover the elastic and create a windswept look, says Blandi. For all-night control, spritz a strong-hold hairspray to secure this section. Avoid spraying too close to the hair; instead, hold the can at least a foot away from the head to ensure a fine mist.






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