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               Welcome Editors

Editor's Bio

       Janet Fox is a long-time writer of horror and fantasy short stories and poems. She has had stories and poems in such pro magazines and anthologies as The Twilight Zone Magazine, Year's Best Horror Stories VI and VII, Shadows II and IX, Marion Zimmer Bradley's Fantasy Magazine, Weird Tales and The Year's Best Fantasy Stories V.
      She taught English and foreign language at Osage City High School for 15 years.  Even after she quit teaching, she pursued her educational interests by working as an instructor for Writer's Digest School for several years.
       As well as the professional press, she was also widely published in the small press, including publication in magazines such as Eldritch Tales, Space and Time, Weirdbook and The Horror Show. Her small press connections led to being Secretary/Treasurer of SPWAO, Small Press Writers and Artists' Organization for which she produced a newsletter.
     When her term as an officer was up, she missed the activity of doing a newsletter and started her own publication Scavenger's Newsletter, a monthly, small press oriented markets newsletter for Sf/Fantasy/Horror/Mystery writers and artists.  It began with a print run of 25 and was a single legal-sized sheet printed on both sides.  It has grown to its present size of around 26 pgs (half-legal size) and has a paid circulation of about 800.
     Writing as Alex McDonough, she has written  five books in the Scorpio series packaged by Byron Preiss and published by Ace Books. The series features the adventures of an alien and a Jewish girl from the 14th Century as they travel through time together. The titles are Scorpio Rising, Scorpio Descending, Dragon's Blood, Dragon's Eye and Dragon's Claw.

Scavenger's Newsletter is a monthly market letter for Sf/Fantasy/Horror/Mystery writers and artists with an interest in the small press. My priority is market news, so input from editors/publishers is encouraged. There is no particular emphasis on paying markets; contributor's copies are a valid form of  payment. I even list markets that pay nothing at all and a few that require membership or a fee to submit work, though the latter info is generally listed FYI, since my readership is seeking markets for their work. The more info I provide the less postage a writer/artist will have to spend on ordering individual guidelines, etc. I also want to know about mistakes I've made ASAP, so they can be corrected. You may write, call, send listings on disk in ASCII [aka text] or Microsoft Word 6.0 or send email. Dictating a long listing over the phone isn't recommended, especially in the days before deadline. News deadline is the 13th of each month. email should probably be sent earlier since long listings rec'vd on the day before deadline may not be included. Material appears in the following sections:

Scroungings: These are complete market listings.  I prefer to work from guidelines sheets and in the initial listing I will try to get in all the hard info about your publication. My space is always limited, so editing is usually done, though I do try to let the individual editor's personality shine through. If you have 3-4 page guidelines I can't "boil down," I'll recommend that the writer/artist send for complete guidelines. While I don't run the same identical guidelines every month, be sure to send changes and updates as they happen. If you substantially revise your guidelines, I'm always glad to run them again or to at least highlight the changes. In the case of a magazine that has been around a while, I'm willing to present your guidelines again at intervals of 9 months or so. I tend to give more latitude to the editor who contacts me at intervals with actual updates and changes, than to the editor who is sending repetitious material each month. Per copy price and subscription prices are a valid part of a listing, since SCAV encourages the buying of sample copies. Using market info to help sell your product is fair game, but listings that are solely commercials don't fare well in the editing process. Also keep in mind that SCAV shouldn't be your sole means of advertising.  While I often do list markets other than SF/F/H/M, editors/publishers should realize that posting a listing in SCAV could elicit material from these genres.  Nonsubscribers will receive at least a tearsheet of their listing, though I will usually send a complimentary copy to editors on the initial listing. Slim Pickins': These are short market bits. They could be changes of address, changes in payment rates, new editors, anything short enough to tell in a few lines. Writers and artists currently submitting are invited to provide input for this section as well, though   they must query the editor about problems and wait a month for a reply.

Flea Market: This is a column announcing new small press releases. You can have a free Flea Market listing for your publication on a one mention per new issue basis.  Sending me a bunch of publications at once usually results in my listing one or two and asking the readers to send for more info. These are short, blurb style descriptions and are neither necessarily reviews or ads, though I include all ordering info sent to me. Send your preferred wording, though again, editing is done for space considerations. The listings tend to list up to 4 names of contributors, usually SCAV subscribers,  though this is random and done on a catch-as-catch-can basis. The most efficient way to get a Flea Market listing is to send me a post card. You can then send the complete copies for review directly to the reviewers [see below].
The Skeptic Tank: Writings in this column are done by staff reviewers, who have full charge of their own columns.  Sending a copy doesn't guarantee a review and sending copies for review is not mandatory. I'm glad to give a Flea Market listing only.   Send copies direct to the reviewers: Jim Lee, 801 - 26th St, Windber PA  15963 or Steven Sawicki, 186 Woodruff Ave, Watertown CT 06795. For reviews of poetry or experimental material: Richard L Levesque, 2227 Woodglen Dr, Indianapolis IN 46260. I will send copies received on to the reviewers, but it will be slow since I send large batches at a time.

The Dip List: This is a monthly listing of publications which regularly review the small press.  However, sending a copy does not guarantee a review.

Scavenger's Extra: These are little strips of paper with last minute updates. The decision to include news on these is strictly the editor's since it means extra work, but I will usually pass along major newsbits such as a magazine folding or a correction. 

Junkmail: This is the letter column and is open to those who want to offer opinions and insights aside from regular market news.

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