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Busse Combat knives are known for their strength, toughness, and durability. Busse knives are able to outperform any other knives on the market by a large margin. We know that all knife manufacturers like to claim that they manufacture the "best" or "toughest" knives on the market, and that at times it may be hard to discern fact from fiction. That is why we have created these performance videos. All video clips below are from one master tape that was previously made available to industry insiders and magazine writers. The master tape, however, is a bit lengthy. Being concerned that Internet download times might be excessive, we condensed our tests into these performance highlights.

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Busse Combat Basics
Introduction Highlights

Blade Driven through
3/8" steel - no damage

Blade flexes 27 degrees-
returns to true

Handle supports over
32,000 lbs

Enormous Tip

Chops through Fifteen
2x4s - still shaves

Blade flexes 70 degrees
without breaking

Cuts through 10 pieces
of hanging hemp rope

Cuts 1,254 hemp rope
pieces & still shaves

To watch the performance videos, you will need to have RealPlayer installed on your computer. If you don't have it, click the logo to the left to download and install the latest version of RealPlayer.

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