Snider: Mystery mailing solved
Herewith, some thoughts on the passing parade, starting with the great postal mystery:
• Max Miller, retired Kansas State University professor and collector of stuff, including old stationery, used a letterhead of former governor Robert Bennett, in an envelope of former governor Bill Avery, to send a thank you note to Dr. Michael Finnegan, professor of physical and forensic anthropology at Kansas State, and his wife, Barbara. It was sent to New Mexico, where the Finnegans were visiting.

Ramberg: Storms were worse long ago
Heck, last week's storm wasn't anything. You have to go back to the old days to get a comparison.
You can't go back, of course, but you can talk to some people who lived back then. I did that after most of the roads were cleared and my 4-wheel drive was able to take up the slack where the roads hadn't been cleared.

photo: opinions Hanging tough on Microsoft - Penny wise and pound foolish
Kansas has joined eight other states in refusing to sign the federal government's consent agreement with Microsoft. Attorney General Carla Stovall, a gub

Kindness unites us -- What a lesson!
It was an extraordinary scene, replete with extraordinary moments and extraordinary talents on display -- all to focus attention on what might be considered a very ordinary thing.

David Wittig -- Diversity works
David Wittig has plenty to do.
The chairman, president and chief executive officer of Westar has several companies to look after. And one could work 24 hours a day and never keep up with all the changes in just the electric business -- not to mention all the other business and civic activities the Topeka-based utility company has been involved in.

Landon: Ah, those snow days; how boring
Snow days.
When you're a kid there is simply nothing better than a snow day. When you're a parent, especially a working one, they can cause a crisis in scheduling.
Many families have to create a flow chart to figure out what child is going where with whom for what amount of time. We include our neighbors into the planning.

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Menninger Archives: Our place in history
Broder: Bush may win war, but domestic flank is exposed
Berkowitz: Work on character that can be valued
Goering: Sports bars offer fans options
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