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January 22, 2002

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Welcome to magnumgt.com!


This web site is an incarnation of a previous web site called Magnum Only Club. A young Dodge Magnum owner started the Magnum Only club on a Yahoo board in 2000. I stumbled into the club looking to add to my small fleet of Magnums (five as I write this) and bought the original founder’s Magnum for a parts car. He indicated that he no longer had an interest in Magnums or the club, and asked if I would take over administering to the club. I agreed. That was in November 2000, and the club had a dozen members and 141 posts.

I spent the next 200 or so hours putting together a complete web site (about 60 pages) for the club, using the Yahoo board for the forum. That old web site still exists for the moment. By January of 2002, the Yahoo board had grown to a couple hundred members and over 3,500 posts. That is the time this young (and still Magnumless) founder reappeared onto the scene wanting to take over. With Yahoo clubs, once you are a founder – you are always a founder, with all of the powers of a founder. He ultimately deleted the club when no one would respond to him.


The immature actions of this boy were actually for the best, as it pushed my into rethinking what an Ultimate web site for the Dodge Magnum enthusiast would be. I registered the name www.magnumgt.com, bought some server space and band width, and put together a full-feature forum to compliment the web site. Then I began work on this, the web site itself.


I have developed this web site for Dodge Magnums for many reasons. Some are:


A place to gather and share with other enthusiasts information on Dodge Magnums. This includes period advertisements, brochures, a registry, Magnum racecars, part cross references, tech tips, etc.


To provide a place for Magnum enthusiasts to have their repair questions answered; find and sell parts and cars; share restoration information, show photos of their Magnums, and have a place to hang out with other Mopar and Magnum enthusiasts. The forums include a Service Station, a Tavern, Classified Ad, Car Show, Restoration Clinic, Clubhouse, eBay links, and a Joke Stage.


To increase both the awareness and the value of the Magnum. These cars are both under-rated and under-appreciated.

What is a Magnum:
In a nutshell, the Magnum was the last of the Dodge B-Bodies, and only made in the years 1978 and 1979. The Magnum was one of the very few bright spots in the dark age (for American automobiles and music) of the mid to late seventies. The car was originally to be the replacement Charger – but it was so radical looking that Dodge kept the Charger for one more year, just in case the Magnum did not catch on. In 1980, Chrysler Corporation dropped the B-Body for the smaller J-Body and the Magnum was replaced with the much boxier Mirada.


Please browse around the site and if you are a Mopar Fan – do not forget to visit the Forums to say hi.

Dave Schultz / aka Big Kahuna / aka BK


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