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First and foremost, CAUCE is our Members, without whom we could not have been as successful in our lobbying efforts as we have been. For information about becoming a Member of CAUCE, click here. To see some statistics about our Members, click here.

CAUCE began as a discussion group called SPAM-LAW, which was an outgrowth of another list called SPAM-L, the Spam Prevention and Discussion List. A number of people who participated in SPAM-L felt that legislation was necessary to stop spam from choking the life out of the Internet. To keep the list topic focused, it was decided to create a separate list, the SPAM-LAW list, to discuss options on how to further legislation to prevent spam.

The core members of CAUCE constitute the members of the SPAM-LAW list, who drafted the amendment, beat bushes, roused rabble, coded software, and generally worked their butts off to make this initiative a reality.

The members of the "Provisional" CAUCE Board include:

Scott Hazen Mueller, CAUCE Chairman
Other websites:, Personal Website

Edward Cherlin, CAUCE President

Randy Delucchi, CAUCE Director
Director of Customer Service and Operations, MSN Hotmail.

Ray Everett-Church, CAUCE Counsel
Managing Member, PrivacyClue LLC
Other websites: Personal Website

J.D. Falk, CAUCE Mail Administrator
Independent consultant
Other websites: Cybernothing, Personal Website

Tom Geller, Director of Industry Affairs
Founder, Suespammers Project
Other websites: Personal Website

John Levine, Newsletter Editor & Moderator of
Author of "The Internet for Dummies" and Public Official
Other Websites:,, Personal Website

John Mozena, CAUCE VP Public Relations
Account Executive, Airfoil Public Relations
Other websites: Personal Website

Doug Muth, CAUCE Membership Coordinator & Webmaster
Software Engineer, Ascentive
Other websites: Personal Website

George Nemeyer, CAUCE Senior Director
Owner, Tigerden Internet Services
Other websites: Personal Website

David O'Donnell, CAUCE Director
Former Principal Postmaster and Director of Internet Development and Outreach for America Online.
Other websites: Personal Website

CAUCE is not just these people, though. Spam is a problem that affects us all, and one that we cannot afford to ignore. This is why it was decided to ask people to join CAUCE, adding their support to this initiative.

CAUCE only has two resources: 1) our credibility as advocates for responsible Internet commerce; and, 2) our wonderful members who have called and written to their Members of Congress in support of our cause. We have no money, we have no office. CAUCE is a creation of the Internet -- it exists on this web site, in newsgroups, discussion lists, and in the ideas and dedication of those who oppose the damaging, costly, and unfair practice of unsolicited commercial email.

CAUCE is entirely volunteer and we do not accept donations, as that would subject us to a myriad of government regulations on lobbying activities, IRS regulations regarding lobbying by non-profit and tax exempt organizations, and numerous other legal, technical, and accounting hurdles. All activities of CAUCE are made possible by volunteered time, web server space, email spool space, etc., by concerned netizens.

This is grass-roots organization at its finest. The entire process that created CAUCE and the legislation proposed by CAUCE has been done over email and by phone, with virtually no face-to-face meetings until many months after CAUCE was founded -- demonstrating the potential of the Internet for grass-roots activism.