Phantasy Star


Welcome to Thentavius's Phantasy Star Gallery.

Here I have compiled my favorite pics from one of the most engaging RPG lineups of all time; the Phantasy Star Series. There are core games that came out for the Sega Master System and the Sega Genesis, a collection of all four that recently came out in Japan for the Sega Saturn, and various other incarnations of the game online. There are current rumors that a version for Dreamcast may be in the works. All PS fans can do is hope!

On to the pics...

**New** A mag scan of Rika, Nei, Mieu, and Myau (from all 4)!!

Phantasy Star 4

**New** Rika the cat-bio-cyborg-woman in a striking pose

**New** Wren the cyborg bears a big gun and looks stern

**New** Rune Walsh

**New** Rune Walsh, again

**New** Chaz and Rune in a heated discussion

Rune; a screen cap

A cool Chaz/Rika collage!

A screen capture; It's Dark Force!

Zio stands with a defiant smirk--a fresh pic! (22K)

A black and white pic of the brooding villain, Zio.

A screen capture of Zio.

Demi and Wren, the cyborgs

Rune's ending scene

A screen-shot collage; Rika is the main character

A little portrait of Rune Walsh, the Esper

Screen shot/collage, featuring Rika. (15K)

A little portrait of Demi the "cat-cyborg" (15K)


Phantasy Star 3

**New** Adan (3rd generation)

**New** Gwyn (3rd generation)

**New** Lyle the dragon knight (1st generation)

**New** Mieu the cyborg (all generations)

**New** Alair (Lune's sister). 2nd generation

**New** Ayn (2nd generation)

**New** Sean (3rd generation)

Phantasy Star 2

The "beautiful man" Lutz (can we say NOAH?!) heh.

A screen cap of Shir the theif's ending

A screen cap of Amy the doctor's ending

A little portrait of Nei the bio-cat-woman (20K)

A big pic of reddish pink haired Nei

Phantasy Star

Well, where else would I put Myau?

More Phantasy Star pics are on the way! Since this gallery has just split from my main Video Game Anime Gallery, expect a lot of revamping. I will be providing many new pics.

Rune Walsh

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