La Voz Publishing Corp.  

6101 S.W. Freeway,
Suite 127
Houston, Texas 77057

La Voz de Houston is a highly-respected Spanish-language publication that is distributed weekly throughout Houston’s Hispanic neighborhoods. This well
read newspaper is an excellent vehicle to target all Hispanic groups.

La Voz de Houston is a Spanish-language publication that reports news of Houston, Texas, México, Latin America, and the rest of the world, with emphasis on Hispanics and the news that affect them. Also, the publication carries other general information such as Food section, Sports section, Entertainment, etc.

La Voz is written in “mainstream” Spanish so that all persons of Hispanic descent can read it easily—whether their family is originally from México, Guate-mala, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Argen-tina, Perú, or any other Spanish-speaking country. All types of products and services advertise in La Voz de Houston—from Retail to Legal, from Furniture to Automotive, from Recruitment to Travel, from Real Estate to Entertainment, from Financial to Medical. Many national advertisers use our newspaper as a tool to reach Houston’s big Hispanic market.

Area Hispanic community leaders sometimes are invited to write guest editori-als that provide fresh insights on topics affecting Houston’s Hispanics.

Founded by: Armando Ordóñez†

Publisher & Editor:
Olga Ordóñez

Assistant Editor:
Víctor Carrillo

General Manager:
Orlando Seoane

Website design:
Eliud González

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