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The Number 47: A Case Study In 
Obsession.  The Saga of One Special Number in One Big Television 
Welcome to the 47s: the most useless, obsessive, and somehow strangely intriguing Star Trek site on the web. By way of an introduction...

What is 47?
You may have noticed, over years of watching Star Trek, that the number 47 has enjoyed astonishing popularity in the Star Trek universe. Shields drop to 47 percent; 47 people die in a disaster; 47 minutes remain until certain death. If you have not yet noticed will soon become a believer.

So why is it there?
It took long months of searching...and one week of Internet access to determine the answer to that question. The number 47 is an inside joke at Pomona College; the man who brought 47 to Star Trek, one Joe Menosky, is a Pomona College alumnus. For a more detailed explanation of why 47 is an inside joke at Pomona, direct your browser to Pomona College's Star Trek page.

What's this site for?
This site attempts to catalog each occurrence of the number 47 in Star Trek as we know it. Almost all 47s are considered fair game: verbal mentions, 74s, visual diagrams, or not-so-obvious references. 47s of a more dubious nature are included on a separate page.

The 47s is assuredly incomplete. Should you come across a 47 that is not on this list, submit it to me at

Why on earth are you doing this?!?
This is a question we have not yet been able to answer satisfactorily; to the best of our knowledge, there is no logical reason for this site. However, we can tell you that (a) we are Trekkers, and (b) as Trekkers, it is our solemn duty to be obsessive about this sort of thing.
Prepare to be assimilated. Choose your gateway into the phenomenon.

The Next Generation | Deep Space Nine | Voyager | Possible 47s
The Original Series | Credits | Letter from Brannon Braga | Multimedia 47s


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