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Bullish on Bear Lake
Big cutthroats on the bite.
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Tackle tips for spawning walleye
What to use for that wallhanger.
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More million dollar advice
Tips for Lake Powell spring stripers.
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Small 'mouths' not the problem
If you think the smallmouth bass you've been catching at Lake Powell seem a bit short and skinny, you're not alone.

Spring fishing in Scofield
When the cold ice begins to recede on Scofield Reservoir, the hottest fishing begins.

Fishing in Great Basin National Park
Great Basin National Park offers several fishing possibilities, including five different kinds of trout.

Battle plan for spring fishing at Powell
Smallmouth action heats up in April.

New bass tournament to be held at Utah Lake
Local water, hundreds of healthy largemouth bass and a cash prize for the winner.

Lake Powell striped bass facts
Spawning occurs in the spring when the water temperature push above 50 degrees.


Flycasting for Seniors
Though there are numerous flyfishers who qualify for the AARP, very few seniors (age 50 and over) take up the sport.
Getting the Slack Out
Slack is a sag, bend or curve in the fly line before and during casting. You cannot make a correct cast without a loaded rod tip.
Teaching Youth to Cast
You might wonder, when should children begin flycasting? What type of equipment is needed?


- Fighting tammies at Lees Ferry
- Getting ready to float your boat
- Head south for fat trout at Lees Ferry

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Big Wood River
The fine fishing, skiing and other outdoor sports that drew Ernest Hemingway to this country are still thriving today.
Firehole River
Few experiences in fly fishing can surpass a day spent on the banks of the legendary Firehole.
Gunnison River
The Black Canyon of the Gunnison is America�s newest national park, yet its dark walls are made up of some the world�s oldest rock.
Lamar River
Fly fishers will find trout that have adapted to this specific environment over centuries and continue to thrive in the Lamar�s waters.

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