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Koan for Webpage Designers

Low bandwidth:
Koan is the most advanced publishing system for ultra-low bandwidth webpage audio - from fixed sounds and tracks to non-looping experiences. Using text based audio vectors, which can be as small as 10 bytes, Koan delivers consistent, quality audio in webpages and mobile devices VERY, VERY FAST.

You can deliver small scalable rich interactive content using with audio vectors. Your Koan audio content will sound consistent on any platform on which Koan is installed, be this Windows or Mac computers, or PDAs like the Compaq iPAQ.

Use with your tools:
The Koan system interfaces very closely with Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Dreamweaver and Macromedia Director. The free Koan Dreamweaver Extension suite makes it very easy to embed Koan audio vectors into webpages, together with e.g. mouse over triggered vector sounds etc. It comes with a variety of tracks, riffs and effects. In communicating with Flash through FSCommands, Koan has the ability to be controlled by Flash interfaces, as well as allowing the audio to drive Flash animations. It is even possible to control the full power of Koan from Director.

Other tools:
An easy to use webpage publishing tool, EZKoan is available, too, to help you add Koan content to webpages. Two desktop authoring tools are also available, Koan Pro and Koan X.

No downside:
Having adopted vector based Flash techniques for your graphics, you will fully appreciate the benefits of using vectors: size and scalability. However, being purely text based, vector audio also has the benefit that it is not affected by firewalls or server mime types, and it will not "break" webpages - even if no Koan Plugin is detected. Being embedded as text, it can also start to play immediately the page loads : your users will not notice any delays !

The Koan vector audio track on this page is only 1.2Kb

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