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>> Sounds in 1 SMS! <<

Koan Vector Audio is the fastest way to deliver quality audio to mobile devices or webpages. The audio you are hearing on this page is only 1.1Kb, less than 1/10th the size of a banner ad!!

  • It is text only and small - from only 10 bytes
  • It contains ONLY notes, complete sound descriptions & music rules
  • It can generate an infinite variety of sounds
  • It won't break webpages or add much to their size
  • It sounds the same on any computer or PDA
  • It plays immediately and is easy to use
DJ Spuddy Explains Vector Audio
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Background to audio and music formats:

  • Recordings: Everyone knows what a recording is, and on computers these are stored as e.g. WAV or MP3 files. People also know that recorded audio, even in compressed MP3 format, can be very large indeed (a 4 second loop can be 40Kb, too big for a fast web-page). The advantage of using a recording is of course that everyone hears exactly the same thing. Audio recordings can, of course, be streamed, but this eats up your bandwidth. Macromedia Flash can incorporate recordings, but this make Flash files big - so you do not hear much audio in Flash. Beatnik is not a vector audio solution : it does not generate sounds, the sounds it uses instead come from an audio sample sets. A different audio sample has to be downloaded for any special sound required. Beatnik's RMF file sizes are typically 10Kb to 400Kb, large compared to those of Koan (0.01Kb to 5Kb) - XMF files are even larger!

  • MIDI: Some people know what a music score is: it is how music is written down. It lets musicians know what to play and when. When used on a computer it is called MIDI. You can sometimes hear MIDI tracks being played in web-pages, and these drive the computers' inbuilt soundcard or synthesiser. Even though they are very small, they are not used very often because they generally sound different on every computer!

  • XMF and DLS: XMF is a new standard that encapsulates MIDI and DLS sample files within one "master" file. Because Koan's synthesized sound descriptions are so tiny, XMF files are typically hundreds of times larger than the equivalent Koan Vector Audio representation. Note that Koan of course includes a full-featured DLS-compatible software synthesizer for those customers who require a DLS implementation.

  • Koan Vector Audio: A powerful new ultra-compact approach matched to minimum bandwidth utilisation, and generating an infinite variety of sounds, non-looping music and total interactivity, as required. A Koan audio vector contains note information like MIDI, but also information on how to create the sounds, which drives Koan's powerful inbuilt software synthesiser. No audio samples or audio sample set is required. As "open" text, it is easily added to a webpage, Flash movie or email and starts playing immediately. Koan audio vectors can be as small as 10 bytes.