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The National Democrats are entering 1999 in confident mood following a carefully worked out strategy which should see some dramatic progress this year. The party expects to field a small but record number of candidates in the May local elections and has every expectation of good results. The National Democrats have decided not to contest the European elections because it is the party's view that to make a real impact would cost around £500,000 and the party simply does not have access to such a sum. Other parties are welcome to engage in this, although unless they can raise a similar sum in the next 16 weeks they are likely to fall flat on their face.

Instead the National Democrats will use the party's resources and income to launch a whole series of initiatives - everything from a drive to achieve more media coverage to a plan for a dramatic increase in the sales of this newspaper.

The May local elections will probably see the Conservative Party gain anything up to around 2,000 seats mainly for historical reasons. This will give them some impetus for the June European elections which will operate on a strange form of proportional representation. Small parties expecting that the magic words: "proportional representation" will somehow gain them seats should look more closely - the system is actually designed to enshrine a three party system and in England is likely to exclude all others. The rise from a pretty low base by the Tories will have no effect on the National Democrats but is likely to drain support away from other anti-EU parties. While the growth in New Labour sleaze and corruption will certainly help those National Democrat candidates in urban areas where the party is the only democratic anti-EU party to have any form of a base, and it will certainly help recruitment which is already very good.

Finally discussion has taken place with senior officers of some other parties and it seems likely that some smaller parties may come under the National Democrat umbrella shortly while there is increasing co-operation between the National Democrats and branches of other parties.


THE NEW EUROPEAN SINGLE CURRENCY has boon launched; German, French and Belgian politicians are pressing for further 'harmonisation'; there is increasing talk of tax levels being set by the E.U.; mere is already pressure for a 'European Defence Force' to replace the British armed forces; Europol is acquiring more and more powers; the U.K. is being split up into 'Regions' 'for electoral purposes' on the divide and conquer rule.

Yet everything so far set up by the E.U. is riddled with corruption and self-interest. MEP's take huge salaries and expenses, Commissioners and staff receive millions in tax-free perks, every scheme and initiative rapidly turns into an opportunity for thieves, scoundrels and political charlatans. When it comes to national self-interest, Britain always surrenders while the Spanish bend the rules (over fishing), the French ignore them (over Air France), the Germans insist on rules that suit them and the Italians just ignore them all. Meanwhile the ordinary British family struggles to make ends meet, often doing without holidays, sometimes ending up in debt, thousands lose their homes, and all this contributes to an ever rising divorce rate and the break up of the family.

Opposition to this E.U. monster is fragmented, weak and ineffectual and riddled with individuals who put self-promotion before national need. Unbelievably we also have individuals and groups who want to 'reform' the E.U. and who believe that it can somehow revert to merely a free trade area (even assuming this is a desirable object). This 'pie in the sky' attitude ignores the fact that the E.U. has gone way beyond this point and is headed firmly towards becoming a European Super State with all the powers that go with it.

To quote a joint declaration by Giscard D'Estaing and Helmut Schmidt: "one must never forget that monetary union, which the two of us were the first to propose more than a decade ago, is ultimately a political project. It aims to give a new impulse to the historic movement towards union of the European states".

There is now only one choice: it is either Britain free and independent, able to determine our own future and destiny, or a European super state which in true Germanic style will decide every last detail of our lives. Bluntly it's freedom or subservience.

Under such an onslaught all decent patriotic British people who want Britain to retain its identity have a duty to work together, unfortunately there is still, more often a tendency amongst some supposed patriots to find reasons to avoid working together.

There has even been a recent threat of court action between the self appointed leader of one tiny right wing political party and an individual of far left views - even though both claim to be fighting for Britain's independence.

Such silliness must be put aside if our nation is to survive. To show what a struggle we are facing, a recent opinion poll in The Daily Telegraph revealed that while there was a clear majority (60:34) against losing the pound, only 21% of people were totally against Britain joining a single currency for Europe with 20% being in favour of rapidly joining. More worrying still was the fact that 80% thought it inevitable that Britain would, sooner or later, join the single currency. The incompetence of the anti-EU movement and the failure to get across the message of the real effects of a single currency have led to this situation.

Such sillinesses and bickering must now be put aside if our nation is to survive. The National Democrats now work closely with several other groups and individual members and officers of other parties and groups. Such increasing co-operation is vital in view of the lack of time left before one of the main two parties drags this country into the single currency and attempts to merge our national identity within this European Super State.

However even if we lose this initial battle because of the failure of the anti-EU movement we will not lose the war. Even a failure can be turned to victory - perhaps a second Dunkirk may even be necessary to force people to accept the real nature of the struggle.

While the officers of some pressure groups, one issue parties and millionaire play-things simply toy with the struggle and seek to use it for self aggrandisement, the National Democrats are organising rapidly and growing swiftly to help keep Britain independent, or if that is too late to achieve, then to take the United Kingdom out of this new European Empire.

Even Britain's entry into the single currency, should that currency survive, will not destroy the concept of the British nation. No empire in history from the Greek and Roman empires to the Napoleonic and Russian versions has ever been built that cannot be dismantled so that nations can again reassert their independence.

Two thousand years of British history will not be lost by the treachery of the current 'class politique', the National Democrats will fight to assert Britain's unity and independence -throughout Britain's history from Alfred to Henry the Fifth to those pilots of the last war it always seems to be the few who have to fight and inspire the many - perhaps it will be so again.


On Thursday 10th December a local by-election took place in the Rotherhithe ward of Southwark Council in South London. After a good campaign Gary Cartwright the National Democrat candidate had the satisfaction of bearing the Tories and the Green party and coming third out of five candidates.

The full result was:-
Lib-Dem 1143 votes
Labour 813 votes
National Democrat 56 votes
Conservative 28 votes
Green Party 11 votes

There is a real fight on Southwark Council between the Liberal Democrats and the Labour Party and both parties worked really hard to win the seat. Although the National Democrat candidate was well behind these first two, it must be remembered that this was the first time the party had ever fought this seat.

It is also interesting that last May in an adjacent ward the Tories received almost double the vote for the National Democrats. This time the National Democrats achieved exactly double the Tory vote.

Recruitment in South London has been steady over the past year and now the fruits of the hard work that has been put in are beginning to show.

 This by-election and the attendant publicity has resulted in a number of recruits including some from the main parties. There is disillusionment at the lack of leadership in the Tories, and Liberal Democrats and at the corruption within the Labour Party. All combined this is providing a powerful incentive for people to join Britain's new democratic and pro-British party - the National Democrats.

Britain's Debt Burden
In me latest set of government figures it is revealed that over the next three years the cost of paying interest on government borrowing will be a staggering £82,100 million. This works out at about £5,500 per family. It is greater than the total amount to be spent on Britain's defence (£68,100 million) and it totally dwarfs the amount to be spent on culture, media and sport (just £3,000million) or on trade and industry (just £l0,700million).

These government figures also reveal that the direct annual cost of Britain's membership of the E.U. and our support for the Common Agricultural Policy is likely to rise from £5,400omillion this year to £5,900milliion in two years time.

One Shooting A Week In Manchester
The Home Office has announced that shootings over the past two years have risen to 113 incidents - more than one each week. They also revealed that these had resulted in 12 deaths.

The majority of these incidents are drug related and many of them occur in the notorious Moss Side area which is rapidly coming to resemble areas of Los Angeles.

Graduate Danger
Now your degree course will take three years hard work or just 5 000 rupees and you can take it away.

Degree fraud is a new growth industry and can lead to the setting up of bogus businesses, fraudulently obtaining jobs and even threat to life.

A recent investigation showed that even British degrees may not guarantee any legitimacy as in their quest for cash British universities are 'franchising out' their courses to overseas institutions. For example the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside was warned in November about the failure of academic safeguards at an overseas franchise at the Skyline College in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. Sheffield Hallam University has had problems with its franchise with the N. Avgerinopoolou Centre in Greece. The list goes on.

Peter Williams, director of institutional review at the QAA said, "We have encountered practices which we cannot condone under any circumstances".

Such failures are dangerous and are grossly unfair to those students who work so hard in British universities to gain their degrees only to find that they could have bought the same degree for a couple of thousand pounds in Israel, Spaln or Bombay.

However swift action to stop such franchising would prevent things getting as bad as they have become in Bangladesh where riots erupted into violence and arson after 1,200 students were expelled in a crackdown on the widespread practice of cheating in examinations.

Gordon Brown: "Over Optimistic"
A number of City economists have accused Gordon Brown of basing his figures for taxation on over-optimistic forecasts of growth over the next two to three years. David Walton of Goldman Sachs said: "There is a good chance the economy will turn out to he lot weaker than the Treasury expects.... borrowing will necessarily he higher".

Perhaps most damning was the comment from Edward Troup, a tax expert at the law firm Simmons & Simmons: I find it slightly surprising that the Government is telling me that the effect of the slowdown is that I am going to be better off in three years time than I would have been without the slowdown". Slightly surprising or perhaps Gordon Brown wants to move from No.11 Downing Street to No. 10 well before the chickens come home to roost.

Drug Epidemic Spreads As Government Goes Soft
when they first came to power and the appointment of a 'Drug Czar" the Government is not only doing nothing to stop the spread of drugs, it is now giving real impetus to the actions of drug pushers.

On 16th November Estelle Morris, the 'school standards minister' spoke at the Annual Conference of the Girls' Schools Association in Glasgow. She told the head teachers to rethink their "zero tolerance" policy on drugs which leads to the automatic expulsion of pupils caught with drugs.

In typical New Labour muddled thinking she said: "Yes there is a disciplinary part of it because there is a message to other pupils in the school but there is also the welfare of the young people concerned. If you merely exclude them, then children may not get the support they need to deal with the cycle of dependency". Of course such an attitude may also encourage even more pupils to get on board this "cycle of dependency" rather than actively discouraging them.

Referring to the growing practice of random drug tests in independent schools she said she "would not support such a programme in state schools..... Heads should make the decision about what happens in their schools but I would not wish to promote a culture of random testing Drugs will not go away". Well not with this son of attitude. Apparently a culture of drug testing is not to be tolerated but the spread of a 'drug culture' is to he tolerated.

However the consequences of abandoning "zero tolerance" were spelt out by John Dunford, general secretary of the Secondary Heads Association: this could lead to local education authorities putting pressure on heads to keep pupils in class to reach the Government's target of reducing exclusions by a third by 2002.

Meanwhile the much vaunted New Labour appointed 'Drug Czar', Keith Hellawell, the Chief Constable of South Yorkshire, is known to be a 'liberal' on legalising drugs. It was this same Keith Hellawell who, in 1995, initiated a debate at the Association of Chief Police Officers on the legalisation of cannabis (fortunately they voted overwhelmingly against).

The Independent Campaign To Legalise Cannabis
The Independent has the lowest circulation of any of the major national newspapers and successive editors of both its weekday edition and its Sun-day version have been increasingly desperate to increase this circulation so that the paper could survive.

With very thin news coverage, pathetic sports commentary and with no clearly identifiable customer base they have resorted to going for minority interest groups. In September 1997 Sunday Independent editor, Rosie Boycott seized on the virtually moribund 'legalise cannabis' campaign.

For six months the paper ran article after article on the 'need to legalise cannabis' - features on the 'Cannabis Cup' in Amsterdam, the alleged medicinal value of cannabis, the views of 'celebrities' - such as the little known band 'Dodgy' and the more infamous Peter Tatchell.

Then in March 1998 they organised a march in central London. Despite large pre-event publicity both in their own paper and on television they only managed to gather some 11,000 individuals.

Throughout all this there was never a mention of the results of long term cannabis use, the effects on the babies of addicts, the tendency of cannabis users to graduate onto harder drugs, etc.

However while the Independent on Sunday may have persuaded a few people to be 'cool' and support legalisation, it has singularly failed to do much for the Independent on Sunday, now owned by Tony O'Reilly, the Irish press magnate, who has pumped millions of pounds into the paper without much tangible result. His attempt to gain a foothold in the UK newspaper industry appears to have become an expensive fiasco.

It seems likely to be only a question of time before The Independent and its pernicious influence fades off the scene. Hopefully having burnt his fingers, Tony O'Reilly will then stay in his Emerald Isle and stop promoting the use of drugs in the U.K.

More Babies Born As Addicts
In a recent investigation it was revealed that the number of babies born addicted to drugs in the Bolton area has tripled in the past three years. Such babies have to be treated with morphine in their first few days of life because their mothers have taken heroin, methadone or temazepan.

The addiction of such babies becomes obvious about three days after birth when the babies show symptoms similar to an adult trying to kick the habit. They become restless, vomiting occurs and crying becomes continual as they feel the desperate need for something as a result of their addiction.

Faye MeCrory, a drug liaison nurse, said; "It is extremely distressing for staff to watch - and for the mother, as it shows what their addiction has done to the child".

Drugs safer than alcohol?
Supporters of the legalisation of cannabis seized on reports at the beginning of 1998 that claimed to show that cannabis was 'safer than alcohol'. The report was prepared by the World Health Organisation but was not released.

It is perfectly possible that this analysis is correct, however the effects of alcohol abuse are hardly beneficial. According to the Health Education Authority alcohol-related problems in hospital casualty departments have reached "epidemic proportions" - at peak times eight out of ten patients being treated in A&E departments are there with injuries or difficulties caused by drink.

In Manchester a survey of 500 consecutive patients at the Emergency Unit showed that 10% admitted to needing treatment for an alcohol-related problem, 12% were 'dependent' drinkers and 28% were 'hazardous' drinkers. So if cannabis is "as safe as alcohol" then God help I us all.

Nice One Bill
Bill Murray, the actor from The Bill, was cleared at Basildon Crown Court of allegations of attacking two heroin addicts who he believed were supplying his 14 year old daughter with drugs. Bill Murray denied any such assault and was cleared. During the case it transpired that be had regularly searched various drug dens for his daughter and the police were often called in and would eventually bring her home.

However the case raises the obvious question: if Bill Murray could so easily Hod "various drug dens" then why had the police not found them and arrested those inside?

Also exactly who decided to prosecute Bill Murray for trying to save his daughter from the horror of drugs and who turned 1998 into "a nightmare" for him as he waited for the court case.

Of course it is not always the police that should be blamed, everyone knows that they are under immense pressure not to crack down on drugs in the same way that they have cracked down on football hooligans. Many police officers and entire police stations would dearly love to get tough with the dealers.

It is perhaps unfortunate that Bill Murray was even arrested for this "crime". In a similar incident a few years ago a number of friends of a man living in a South Coast town got together and "sorted out" a drugs den where the man's daughter had regularly been plied with drugs and had been sexually abused. The police were well aware of the situation and at the party after the "sorting out" a police car cruised by, stopped outside, sounded its siren once and ran its blue light for about thirty seconds, then quietly drove off - enough said!

Not So Nice One Bill
William Hague's New Year message to Tory party members was another masterpiece of navel-gazing. With hardly a policy in sight he spoke of delivering a "positive and compassionate" agenda with "new policies to be unveiled before the end of the year". There are to be more internal "reviews" and he finished by saying: "I want 1999 to be a year of ideas for the Conservative Party" - in other words he hasn't got a clue and so the Conservative Party will lurch onwards with no sense of direction under the leadership of "William the Vague".




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