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Magnífico presents
A group exhibit featuring Jennifer Burkley, Yoshimi Hayashi, Glenn Kawabata, and Dean Olson


Exhibition dates: January 11- February 9, 2002

Opening reception: Friday, January 11, 6-8pm

Artists' talk: Saturday, January 12, 2pm

pyrogram by Glenn Kawabata

, or ReModernism, is a traveling exhibition which features the work of artists Jennifer Burkley, Yoshimi Hayashi, Glenn Kawabata, and Dean Olson. Burkley uses pigment and rubber to fashion works that emphasize the sensuousness of texture and material. Hayashi's work consists of repetitive texts that speak of temporality, fragility, and mindful mindlessness. Kawabata's photographic pyrograms harness the energy of a single match to capture the intimacy of ritual and time. Olson's drawings of silent spaces pay homage to forgotten scenery and create a setting for contemplation.

Curator Yoshimi Hayashi says, "ReMo incorporates ideas from Modernism, Avantegardism, and Post Modernism; thus synthesizing an alternative and real time contemporary approach to art. In ReMo, issues such as multiculturalism, irony, the sublime, and identity are considered; however, they do not become the art itself. The reconsideration and redefinition of the traditions are sought not by mere deconstructionism, but rather by connecting new nodes of ideas. Therefore, by definition, ReMo is fundamentally cellular and its roots stem from provincial art settings."

A catalog, which includes essays on ReMo, will accompany this exhibition.

Made possible in part by The City of Albuquerque and The FUNd at Albuquerque Community Foundation.

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