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Bangalore is a spectrum of different communities. The Section is an insight into the origin, way of life and popularity of these featured communities

Memons (originally Momins) came into existence with the acceptance of Islam by 700 families belonging to the old and famous Lohana Community of Sind. Of these some of the families who settled down in Kutch, a district in the North Western State of Gujarat, are called Cutchi Memon.


The people of this community were very found of costly and elegant dresses. The men folk wore a Banian, a Kameez, an Abah, Ejjar, a Sadariah, a Roomal and a Topi(cap). Occasionally they wore a Shayah Sadariah(waistcoat). The bridegroom used to wear a Shervani and a Paag on the wedding day.

The women folk wore Bandi, an Abah, Mondia Ejjar, a Kawni(duppatta). They covered themselves from top to bottom with a Millaya(a dark brown silken sheet with broad intricate pure gold lace). On the wedding day the bride wore Kombi(bandhini) and a lot of jewellery.


Memon cuisine is renowned for its innumerable meat preparations like Biryani and desserts and is enjoyed on festive occasions.


This is a small community of Bangalore, which migrated from Kutch about 400-500 years ago and their ancestors were mercantile traders. The younger generation have diverted themselves into different fields of education and excelled in them. Their strength as of today may be more than 2500 members of this community.

The Cutchi Memons were firm in their faith, and honesty was their basic principle in life. Their unity made them powerful and praise-worthy. Their simplicity, good character and ideal life had great effect on other communities who were impressed by them. They gave a large share of their wealth for the welfare of the Cutchi Memons as well as others by establishing chariatable trusts.

They belong to a Jamath. The youngsters formed a Cutchi Memon Union where all the social activities took place and thereby binding the community together. Most of them lived in joint families.

Late Sir Hajee Ismail Sait who was the first president of the Jamath was knighted by the Queen of England for his social services, including starting of institutions like Gosha Hospital and several Mosques. Haji Usman Sait was a rich businessman who associated himself with "The Quit India Movement" and boycott the British goods. The famous personalities of today who have contributed to the society are Azeez Sait, Hajee Zafar(billiards player), Zafar Sait(BPL) and Nafeesa Fazal(Minister) to name a few.

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