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Corporate Crackdown

Corporate America is revelling in a Golden Age. A shrinking number of the planet's biggest businesses -- AOL Time Warner, Shell, Nike, Microsoft, McDonald's -- are the money behind presidents, the power that drives global trade rules, the voice of authority on how we live and the way we think. Corporations have all the rights of we, the people, but thousands of times more money to make the system work for them.

We call this system "democracy." But today it looks a lot like corporate rule.

A rebellion is building. Thousands of protesters shake up every global trade conference with calls for less corporate clout and more grassroots power. And on July 4, America's Independence Day, culture jammers delivered another blast of symbolic disobedience. Across the US and around the world, proud citizens traded the Stars-and-Stripes for today's Brands-and-Bands -- the symbol of all that's wrong with America. Five hundred Corporate America flags waved over parades and over highways, in front of Wal-Mart and the White House.

The flag campaign is far from over. More and more Corporate America flags are being sent across America and around the world to support a year-round Corporate Crackdown. From street protests to teach-ins, the flag is fast becoming a public rallying point for the movement against corporate power.

The flags snapping in the wind are raising sparks. You just don't mess with America's Old Glory. But many would say it's been a corporate doormat for years. And today, the question is global. What counts as "independence"? And when will we win it back?