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At the third year of APA membership, an annual assessment of $110 is billed to all licensed health care psychologists who provide services in the health or mental health field or who supervise those who do.

Special assessments support the work of APA's Practice Directorate, which supports the concerns of practitioners in psychology.

Licensed or certified Members, Fellows, and Associate Members who must pay the Special Assessment include:

Those who provide ANY health-related services on a fee-for-service basis (e.g., full or part-time independent practice).

Those whose employment, in whole or in part, involves providing health-related services or supervising those who provide such services (e.g., state hospital, V.A., or CMHC psychologists).

Those whose interest in providing direct health-related services has been made public (e.g., advertisement in Yellow Pages or printed announcements of practice).

Those who are listed in any national register or directory of health service providers in psychology.

The APA dues instructions have more comprehensive guidelines, including the exemptions that would allow removal of the assessment from member dues statements. Contact the Membership Department for more information.

For information about your assessment dollars at work, see the homepage for the APA Practice Directorate.

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