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The White Separatist FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) of White Separatists

by Michael A. Hoffman II Copyright©1999. All Rights Reserved

What About the White Slaves?

"I think it was Robert Frost who said good fences make for good neighbors. The white separatist is the man who has the courage and the honesty to say he believes in fences and thereby creates the only genuine basis for good neighbors."

White separatism is just a propaganda word for white supremacist, isn't it?

On the contrary, "white supremacist" is just a propaganda word, at least in many cases, for white separatism.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that you don't want the white race to be supreme in the world?

I want the white people to control their own destiny in the territory they inhabit. "White supremacy" is a loaded phrase that implies oppression of other races. If we live in an all-white territory, there would be no need , desire or for that matter, ability, to oppress people of any other race.

Then what you're saying is that the difference between a white separatist and a white supremacist is that one wants to control his destiny on his own land, the other wants to control other races in all lands.

We have white supremacy right now under Bill Clinton's liberal regime in Washington. They are importing cheap labor from the Third World because the white American man and white woman won't work that cheap. So the "lib-cons" ("liberal-conservatives"--the unholy marriage between left-wing state bureaucracy and right-wing capital), import the coolie labor and establish legislation such as NAFTA and GATT . Do you think colored people are benefiting from this buccaneer, "Free Trade" ideology? This praxis destroys all indigenous people and culture and it's being led by an age-old clique of Aryan Zionists.

Moreover, every time these lib-cons encourage blacks to speak broken, miserable, semi-literate "black English," they are bringing Africans down. Any true friend of black people would insist on them obtaining a classical education in the Bible, Latin, Greek, a modern foreign language, chemistry, physics, western literature, higher mathematics and classical music. Instead blacks are being sold on the lowest common denominator of miseducation, muzak, television, even junk food. Their "civil rights" leaders in league with the white supremacist liberals, want to maintain them in a degraded state so that they will be easier to control and enslave.

So you see some white people as the enemy.

I view traitors as the enemy. I see those whites who sell their children into slavery as the enemy. I believe that those who are sick with greed are my enemies. Those who pollute the air, water and soil for profit are my nemesis. Since the the time of Tudor England we have witnessed the institutional treason of a segment of the white ruling class. That treason over the centuries has become dynastic and it has been institutionalized within Freemasonry.

Freemasons are regarded by initiates as "imperfect Jews." It is a mistake to look at Zionism as the sole domain of Jews. A long time ago a Faustian segment of the white aristocracy became passionately fixated with the boundary-breaking philosophy of the Jewish Kaballah and decided that the Jews held the keys to the gold and to that alchemical "gold," that philosopher's stone whereby man plays God; as in the Talmud where the rabbis, in debates with God, actually correct God. The Aryan Zionists hitched their wagon to the star of Jewish scientism with the idea that they would help to "correct" the universe. This is the root of industrialization; of the secularization of nature fetishized into commodity.

So, yes, white separatists have continually witnessed the betrayal of the white workers, the white poor and the white peasantry by a segment of the white ruling class, and of course all who betray their people are the enemies of the people, no matter how blond their hair or blue their eyes.

In order for you to maintain your views in this era of liberalism and integration, you must have to harbor a great deal of hate.

The establishment is itself the greatest purveyor of hate in our world today. They reserve their greatest hate for those whites who refuse to bow to the ruling class demand that we mix our genes with other races.

There is no end of hate directed at Germans who fought honorably and patriotically for their nation in its armed forces during World War Two, as any young soldier worthy of the name would. Just watch the paroxysms of hate wash over the television audience along with a sea of prevarication when the Germans of the 1930s and '40s are the subject. This is not to say that the Nazis did not commit crimes. Of course they did. War itself is a crime and a judgment of God upon humanity. But to claim that because a young man answered his country's call in time of war, then he and his nation's entire army are criminal, is a sin of false witness.

The Germans are being singled out as especially execrable because they dared to defy Jewish power. It is wrong to violently oppose Jewish leaders, but it is right to expose them. That's the key distinction! This too was Jesus Christ's teaching. He exposed the Pharisees at every opportunity, calling them, truthfully, "the children of hell."

Furthermore, take a look at how the rural southern white Christian is portrayed on television. This is probably the most hospitable and decent class of white people in America. But because they represent an intact white ethnic culture, they must be destroyed and the main weapon for that destruction is psychological humiliation. So week after week on television and in the movie theatres the heirs of the yeomanry who were the backbone of this nation, who fought its wars, drained its swamps, cleared its forests and settled its frontiers, are held up to scorn and derision as "rednecks," and "white trash." What could be more hateful?

Hatred of white southerners and Germans is not only legitimate in our society, it is encouraged, so who are you to speak of hate?

Yes, but the hatefulness of the establishment does not justify the hatefulness of white separatists.

Why must I hate someone if I desire to keep to myself? What kind of incessant busy-body, do-gooderism are you drunk on? Are others so low in their own self-esteem that the fact that I prefer to be with my own kind is regarded by the insecure of other races as some kind of an affront? It's not an affront. It is a normal and Biblical state of affairs and has been regarded as such for thousands of years. In the Book of Genesis, God uses separation of the peoples to keep the peace and prevent war:

"Let there be no strife...separate thyself, I pray thee, from me." That was Abram's plea in Genesis 13 and it is the plea of the Christian American separatists of today. You may argue that laws enforcing segregation were wrong. But I will respond that laws enforcing integration are purely evil. They are paths to strife and warfare.

I don't ask for any handouts or subsidies from blacks or Asians and my own ancestors derived no profit from the oppression of any alien races. Because I want to do what my people have been doing for a thousand years, keep to myself and to my own kind, can in no way be a crime or a hateful act, unless we have reached the point in the ascendance of Freudian-Marxist insanity where tradition and heritage and the laws of the Bible have themselves become proscribed and "hateful."

Concern for one's own kind is the root of the word kindness and I would warn you that the white lib-con running about these days proclaiming his undying esteem for the blacks and the Asians and the Mexicans has no genuine concern or respect for these people whatsoever. How could he, when he hates and disrespects his own white people?

A guy like Bill Clinton who has sold his body and soul to capitalism and to Judaism is so spiritually diseased he can never be trusted by whites. He is gravely disordered. He has put money and power above kith and kin. It's Bill Clinton that is the true lunatic fringe crackpot.

I regard as a potential ally anyone who cares for something more than money. It is the separatists of the other races who grasp many of the same things which I do, who I regard as far more trustworthy than the white Rockefellers, Kennedys, DuPonts, George Bush clan and the Bill Clintons of the world.

Even though, for example, Louis Farrakhan's Nation of Islam teaches that the white man is descended of the devil?

By their fruits--not their rhetoric-- ye shall know them. What have been the fruits of Farrakhan's organization? Self-respect, a desire for sovereignty, a willingness to speak radical truths at the cost of career, fortune or even one's life. Farrakhan gives his people order, organization and culture. He is a classical violinist. All of those traits are the attributes of civilization. I'm glad to observe civilization arise among any people. It makes life easier for me and my kind.

At least Farrakhan does not play the cynical game of espousing a tough-talking "Hate Whitey" philosophy while lusting after my white wife, sister or daughter, as so many supposedly "decent, mainstream" and "non-hateful" blacks do. What is it with this bizarre phenomenon of hating white men while pursuing white women, if not warfare under another name?

What do white separatists think of the Ku Klux Klan and similar groups?

On Christmas Eve, 1865, in Pulaski,Tennessee the original Knights of the Ku Klux Klan were organized as a secret, indeed "invisible" underground guerrilla army for the overthrow of the Federal occupiers of the Southland. They were ably led by the "Wizard of the Saddle," Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest, who permanently disbanded the group in 1869 when he correctly saw that the northern yellow journalists were getting more propaganda mileage out of the klan than the southern people were deriving benefits from it. In Forrest's last days he asssited poor whites and poor blacks and sought an honest reconciliation between the races, based on the reality of God's creation of three distinct races, not the Frankenstein fantasy of a Marxist One World.

In the early 20th century the Klan was revived under masonic auspices by Col. Simmons, in an occult ceremony on Jekyll Island, a site which, interestingly, the Establishment 's Aryan-Zionist liberals occasionally still use for their own ritual purposes. The Simmons era klan was a union-busting, anti-Catholic organization.

Today the klan is mostly a component of the B'nai B'rith and Hollywood. They act out a pre-determined role in the pre-determined script. They are pawns of their alleged enemies. I would wonder if Ku Kluxers were FBI agents. Why not? Anyone using violence, except in the strictest terms as a means of self-defense for one's wife and children, for example, who might be getting mugged or something, is simply doing the work of the Federal government. The government must gradually clamp a police state upon the citizens of the U.S. If they do not, this corporate USA will secede into a hundred separate nations, quite conducive to insuring the rights of all of our citizens of whatever color.

This must not be allowed, because the Overclass requires a huge national conglomerate of TV-doped masses to execute the will of the loansharks and serve as the mercenaries of the multinational corporations. Secession along mutually respectful racial and religious lines cannot be tolerated. Hence the System itself engineers terrorist outrages like the Oklahoma City bombing and uses semi-retarded people who call themselves klansmen, Nazis, --led by FBI "informants"--to get the wicked deed done.

As far as "other organizations" go, there are none I can endorse unreservedly. We seem to live in an extreme age where there is no via media, no genuine balance. So you have on the one hand the "paleo-conservatives" who just talk and write to each other while pretending that classical Western civilization permits an accomodation with Jewish power. Then on the other hand you have the rightist violence-mongers who may be well-read and who may sound intelligent but who are in fact, very stupid. And of course they think that everyone who is not as stupid, that is to say, as violent as them, is a sellout. These people have no clue that the System loves violence, feeds on it and manufactures it where none is present. I believe in self-defense. But bombs and bank robberies are the methods of our enemies. These are Bolshevik and Zionist methods.

There is anger, even rage seething in the ranks of the white working class who are the butt of every Hollywood and Big Media joke. Paula Jones' accusations against Bill Clinton were dismissed because upper class whites sneered at her as a "big-haired slut from a trailer park." This is open bigotry, practiced by journalists who have made careers out of preaching "equality and love." But there is precious little of either for the poor whites of this nation. Blacks have a higher status, in the eyes of many rich whites, liberal or conservative, than do poor whites. So naturally there is going to be raw anger from the marginalized white youth. It's understandable.

We must be good fathers to these angry white youths, who, thus far, in many cases, have been led astray by FBI informants and semi-retarded "white power" leaders. Those who seek to drown this nation in blood--from whatever side of the political spectrum they emanate--will one day be seen for the wicked men they are. America needs truth and justice, out of which we will have peace. This is mutually beneficial for all groups, except for the Zionists, who thrive on war and racism.

What do white separatists see for the future of America?

Americans are at present unnatural. They eat artificial food and they stuff their heads with artificial ideas like "all men are created equal." They live in fear of going to prison, fear of revolting, or of doing anything that would attract the attention of the authorities.

Christ said something very interesting about family. He said that your brother and your sister is the one who follows the law. That's your family. Whites are a family when they follow God's law. It's not just a racial thing, either.

Many white separatists are only half separate, which is no separation at all. They emphasize the white part. They wear their badges and patches and subscribe to the 'zines and take part in the gossip. But the other half of it is ignored. They eat the same crap food and exhibit the same TV-sodden, bogus lifestyle as their lib-con neighbor. The elite is an example or it is nothing. We must set the example of the nation that we seek to re-build. The time to start is now. The power to start is in the seemingly "little" choices we make about the people we associate with, the food we eat, the free time we spend, the place where we live.

I see two possible futures for America--a race war and the imposition of a computerized police state, where dissidents of every color will be exterminated or enslaved and one colossal, consumer ant-hill will drone inside a make-believe virtual reality fanatasy world, while an overclass of dynastic Aryan Zionist families rule the world in partnership with their fellow gangsters in Jerusalem. That's one possibility.

The other involves the fulfillment of our destiny. It starts inside ourselves, not outside--hankering over a ballot box that is probably fraudulent anyway. We are the ones with the power. Not the president or Congress or the media. But it depends on how we live, what we're personally willing to refuse and suffer.

So in the end, who do you predict will win?

Nature, she always bats last in this game and if the white race doesn't shape up, nature will definitely ship us out of history.

And your wish for the other races?

We all have the same enemy: the Janus-faced dialectic of Talmudic-Marxist bureaucracy and International finance capitalism. Divide and conquer is the strategy of the Overclass. They love to see young blacks and whites at each other's throats. This spares the bankers, the lawyers and the politicians.

I hope Le Pen can convince the Arabs to go back to Saudi Arabia. France is the land of our gothic cathedrals--sacred soil of the white race. But I also hope the Saudis can convince the U.S. Army to leave Saudi Arabia because Saudi is their land of Mecca--sacred soil of the Arabs.

I hope whites can gain a republic here in the mountain northwest and may American blacks find their home in Miami or Liberia or Ethiopia. I wish all these people well. They are not engaged in a spiritual conspiracy against the white race. They are not the force behind usury. They do not own the media and smear poor whites or Jesus Christ in it pages and on its telescreens.

The tension among the races emanates solely from the proximity in which we live. I think it was Robert Frost who said good fences make for good neighbors. The white separatist is the man who has the courage and the honesty to say he believes in fences and thereby creates the only genuine basis for good neighbors.

A false unity, based on unnatural mixtures God never intended, can only lead to tension, strife, even war. The people who are turning our lives into hell on earth are not the realists and the naturalists but the coercive utopians like Mrs. Jezebel Clinton who wants to legislate, at the point of Butch Reno's SWAT team gun barrels, the most artificial, ill-conceived neo-Bolshevism the world has ever seen.

Living within limits and within bounds is neither a sin or a crime. It doesn't entail hatred or barbarity. It is the basis of the Bible, of the wisdom tradition of the ancient Europeans and of Western Civilization itself.

We are being offered a choice: obey the dictate of the modernists and their hothouse philosophy cooked up in the past century or adhere to the perennial philosophy which is what got us this far in our travels as a people. With G.K. Chesterton, I will give our ancestors a vote; I will sit them at our councils and consult them in our policies. We have no right to overthrow thousands of years of heritage on behalf of the temporal chauvinism of the moment.

Copyright©1999 by Michael A. Hoffman II. All Rights Reserved

Hoffman is a former reporter for the New York bureau of the Associated Press and the author of They Were White and They Were Slaves: The Untold History of the Enslavement of Whites in Early America

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