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What kind of car did Cleo own back in the 20th century?
"I don't think we have time for your 20th Century Old Age flowery powery crap..."

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The Pod Whisperer

Cleopatra and Sarge launch a rescue mission to save Hel, when she becomes trapped on the surface. But can Cleopatra save the day when Sarge loses control of Mauser's high-tech vehicle?

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Cleo and Xena Join Forces!
What do you get when you cross your Xena Browser with a Cleo Skin?

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She's Ready. The Question Is. . .Are You???
Vicki Pratt gets up close and personal with us in exclusive interview footage. RealPlayer is necessary for viewing.

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Choose Your Favorite Line
We know you love the butt-kicking action, but how would any of it be possible without Cleo's "fish out of water" observations, Hel's Voice of reason, or Sarge's merciless quips. Go ahead, make their day, and send us your favorite quote from the show. Cite the episode, the scene and who said it. We'll choose our favorites and post them here. Submit all quotes by clicking below...
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Fan Quote of the Week
"Boy, Cleo has it hard. First her double dies, then she misses her mom and now her boyfriend. I fear to ask what could be next!"

Kea -- Nov. 8, 2000

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