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Boolean Operations

Posted by JamesE on Tuesday, 25 December 2001, at 2:33 p.m.

Can someone please explain how to do these in Gmax? I'm trying to cut an aileron out of a wing (moving points around wont work), and I am stuck as to what to do with it. Is Boolean the thing I want anyway?


(Note that there are two responses - by Chris and Graham...)

There's a much easier way guys ....

Follow Chris's instructions (below) but with my edits ...

> 2) Create a box that is no wider than the aileron but a bit higher
> and longer

> 3) Position it over the wing where you want the aileron


#4 Select your wing (no need to clone but hit Edit->hold just in case)

#5 In geometry->compound objects select boolean

#6 now set the operation to "CUT" and check the "REFINE" section

#7 Press "pick operand B" Button then select the NEW box

#8 Go back to the Modifiewrs Tab and convert the resultant object back to "Editable Mesh"

#9 Show the objects tree and select Element (this will normally highlight the aileron only but if not, simply select it yourself)

#10 Hit the DETACH button and name the object as you wish


> 7) you may need to create some new polys on each of the objects
> to fill in the blank faces

There ... is that better ? :)


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