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G'Day, and welcome to the Home page of the Paddington Bears, a club based in Sydney dedicated to the play and enjoyment of Advanced Squad Leader.
For those that have never heard about Advanced Squad Leader (ASL), it is a World War 2 simulation wargame based upon squad level infantry tactics. The game is published by The Avalon Hill Game Company in a series of modules.
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Anyway, enough said for those newcomers out there, for those that live and breathe the game, this is yet another ASL site where we hope to publish the good oil on ASL, and basically present the view from Down Under. The club meets every first Saturday of each month in the upstairs room of the Paddington- Woollahra Returned Servicemen's League (RSL) Club, surrounded by memorablia and 'memorials' to the club's four Victoria Cross winners. For the cost of a mere $5 to cover the room charges, ASL players can meet, play and share stories and ideas that would be mocked or ignored in the big wide world.

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Those Ragged Bloody Heroes: The Battle of Gona

THOSE RAGGED BLOODY HEROES depicts the bloody Pacific Island fighting on the northern coast of New Guinea. Here the Australian 7th Division has pushed the Japanese invader north in the long and bloody Kokoda Trail campaign. During the weeks prior to the battle for Gona, General Horii's defenders toiled long and hard to prepare a defensive ‘death-trap’ that awaited the oncoming—and unsuspecting Australian soldiers. Cleared fire-lanes, log bunkers and Japanese snipers await your men of the Australian 7th Division as you re-fight this tragic and controversial battle.

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Brief History of the Gona Battle

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