Past Governors

Gopal Swarup Pathak (13.05.1967 to 30.08.1969)


  • Indian lawyer and Politician.
  • Born on 26th Feb 1896 at Bareilly, son of Pandith Krishna Swarup Pathak and Smt. Parkaswati
  • Education: J.P. Arya High School, Ludhiana, Govt. College, Allahabad University.
  • Member of Lok Sabha for Uttar Pradesh
  • Former judge Allahabad High Court
  • President of Indian Society of International Law
  • Member, Indian Commission of Jurists
  • Minister of Law 1966-67; has been member of various Indian delegations to the U.N. since 1946
  • Vice-President of India 1967-74, and also chairman at Rajya Sabha
  • Hobby - Interested in Golf