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3DForce S-128/S-128Quad ( New )

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Operating Systems:

Windows NT4.0
Windows 2000
Windows XP

User's Manual:

Driver Download:

  SiS 315
  AGP 4x, 266MHz configuration setting
  128MB SDRAM with 266MHz data path architecture.
  Direct DVD to TV playback, VCD, DVD, HDTV decoding


Understandably, most SiS fans have imaged within last few months on the graphics solution for its next generation, however, SiS are taking a step forward in the development of their graphics division that brings up mixed feelings in their supporter community. Well, as most of us know, SiS have been around for a while so far they have made a couple of attempts graphics chipsets as SiS-301/ SiS-305 integrated AGP/PCI VGA controller with full sideband support. The SiS-315 is their latest incarnation and is quite an up market solution to compared to the older SiS at least.

Now, Jaton presence few new AGP accelerators based on SiS-315 with 256-bit 2D/3D graphics engine, and a high ratio motion compensation with very competitive market price. All new accelerators offer a complete 128-bit memory data path architecture.

3DForce S-series AGP accelerators embedded with a 256-bit 3D engine, also achieve ultra high 2D performance which maximum memory bandwidth up to 2.7 GB/s. An optimized 3D pipeline architecture is implemented for eliminating the overhead resulting from texture read, Z-buffer read/write and destination read latencies and achieving a sustain throughput of over 90% of peak throughput even when texture, Z-buffer and alpha blending function are all enable. Likewise, built-in MPEG I/II video decoder that high performance motion compensation logic to provide very smooth VCD, DVD & HDTV playback. Full Scene Anti-Aliasing (FSAA), Transfer a Lightning (T&L;) and AGP 4x bus interface supports were built-in for texels and rendering side-band functions as well.

For feature-rich multimedia solution, the 3DForce S-64Quad and 3DForce S-128Quad have implanted bridges and ports on NTSC/PAL (TVout), and Digital Video Out (DVI) functions.

Need more details on this product, please read the User's Manual at left.

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