Investor Information

Risk Tolerance

What is your risk tolerance? This simple quiz will help you determine your attitudes toward risk.

1. I plan on using the money I'm investing......

     after 7 years or more (4)

     between 3 and 6 years(3)

     within the next 3 years(2)

     within the next 6 months(1)

2. What percentage of my investable assets (not including home) does this investment represent?

     Less than 25%(4)

     Between 25% and 50%(3)

     Between 50% and 75%(2)

     Greater than 75%(1)

3. How do you expect your income will grow over the next 5 years. "My income will...

     grow quickly (new job promotion)"(4)

     grow ahead of inflation"(3)

     grow slowly or not at all"(2)

     go down (retire, raise children)"(1)

    4. Do you have emergency savings?


     Yes, but less than I'd like(3)


5. I would feel comfortable risking % of my investable money if the chance of doubling was %.

     10% and 10%(4)

     25% and 25%(3)

     50% and 50%(2)

     0% and 0%(1)

6. Have you ever invested in individual stocks or stock mutual funds before?

     Yes, and I was comfortable with it(4)

     No, but I look forward to it(3)

     Yes, but I was uneasy with it(2)

     No, and I don't want to(0)

    7. What do you want your money to do for you?

     Grow as fast as possible; current income not important(4)

     Grow faster than inflation; produce some income(3)

     Grow slowly and provide a nice income(2)

     Preserve principle, no matter what(1)

Add up your point score and compare to the scale to see how risk tolerant you are: 5 = Very Conservative; 10 = Conservative; 15 = Moderate; 20 = Above Average; 25 = Aggressive; 30 or more = Very Aggressive