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All fanfiction posted on this site was published in print Star Wars fanzines. The fanzine must be in print and available for at least one year before the story can be posted to this site. The fanzine title and the year it appeared are listed for each story.

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This site is primarily dedicated to our favorite Corellian, Han Solo, but stories about other Star Wars characters and drawn from Harrison Ford's other movies are also listed.

This non-profit site archives PG13 and R rated material and is recommended for adults only.

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Discussion of Han and Leia's romance by author Suzanne Brockmann
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All stories on this site are rated PG13 unless otherwise noted. This site contains some stories rated R, which are clearly marked as such.
These stories are written just for fun and are not an attempt to make money or to infringe on any copyrights or trademarks held by Lucasfilm or any other company or individual. Only the original ideas contained within the works on this nonprofit web site are the property of their authors, and please do not link or copy or archive these stories to any other website or print medium without permission of the author. Permission to link to one story or one author's stories does not imply blanket permission to link to all stories on this site. Permission must be obtained from each author individually. It is strictly forbidden to charge fees to read or download any of these stories.

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