Across American culture, youth are attacked: by politicians, by the media, and by artists. This website tries to present another side.

Up Against Ageism
A primer on the subject of this site. A true courtroom drama, and a thought-provoking exploration of prejudice - all in one little essay.

Curfew Laws
Analyzes curfew laws in America. Are they effective? Are they justifiable? Are they morally appropriate?

A Hurtful Penumbra
Examines the current U.S. Supreme Court Justices plus Pres. George W. Bush in their treatment of youth. Along the way, it tackles such issues as:
  • Age-based censorship
  • Abortion age-limits
  • Drug testing in schools
  • Double standards in sexual harassment law
  • Child visitation rights

The Hollywood Dream Factory vs. Youth new!
Thoughts on a Hollywood cliché and a list of "hit movies".

Crime Against the Young
Expores how mystery novels treat youth. It covers such authors as:
  • Joyce Carol Oates
  • Patricia Cornwell
  • Scott Turow
  • Robert B. Parker
  • Sue Grafton
  • Sara Paretsky
  • Andrew Vachss
  • plus Nancy Drew and other YA's

Those People are Looking at Our Women new!
The myth of the young sexual predator promoted by the entertainment industry.

Best Companies to Boycott
A few companies that rank among the worst in hurting youth. Depriving them of your money could do a lot of good. Top target: Philip Morris. Read how they have attacked youth rights. Another good target: AOL.

Links, recommended reading, and more. For when the Pro-Youth Pages just isn't enough.

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