The Fauntleroy Family

Most, if not all, of the material connected with the Fauntleroys, I shamelessly copied from The Fauntleroy Family by Robert H. Fauntleroy, self-published, 1952. If something does not look right, or conflicts with information you have, please let me know so that I may check my work. It seems that no matter how often I check, some errors still exist. In addition, there is at least one piece of information in Fauntleroy's book that conflicts with information written elsewhere. He offers justification for the conflict, and I will do the same - that is, offer his justification or source - where I can find it.

Dates for the first four generations are my guess work based on appearances in certain records.

While the book contains a great deal of information, it has as a shortcoming - no index. So searching is not always easy. Ergo, mistakes on my part. One of my aims here is to eliminate that problem. I will be updating this page fairly frequently, so please check back if you didn't find what your were looking for. In the meantime, please feel free to e-mail me if you have questions or comments.

If you are looking for a particular surname other than Fauntleroy, I hope you will find the index useful.

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Notes on Mr. Fauntleroy's Documentation
Origin of the Name
Moore the Elder - Moore the Younger??
Henry The Forger?

Descendants of Walter FAUNTLEROY

Source: The Fauntleroy Family by Robert H. Fauntleroy, 1952

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