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One of the fertile areas of genealogical research is the cemetery - and Kerr County has its share of rewarding sites. The oldest being the OLD JAPONICA CEMETERY. Begun eight years before Kerr County was organized, it has more than 450 graves in it. Thirty-nine other cemeteries are listed here with notes from "Cemeteries of Kerr County 1859-1976" published in 1980 by Kerrville Genealogical Society, along with notes on Adams Cemetery and Cravey Family Plot from researchers of those 2 small cemeteries.  Click on the cemetery name to take you to that cemetery's page where the names and dates of those buried are listed. 

ADAMS CEMETERY About 12 miles from Medina, Texas, on a mountain located on a ranch.

BALDWIN CEMETERY - Established 1892; Located off Texas 39, just past Camp Waltonia turn-off; Family cemetery with 30 graves; Oldest is Katie Lackey (b.14 Nov.1893- d.22 Sep. 1894).

BONNIE HILLS RANCH - Located on Farm Road 187 going toward Leakey, Texas. Formerly owned by Adam Wilson. Also known as the Wilson Family Cemetery. 2 Graves, the oldest being that of Adams Wilson, III, died in 1953.

BRIDGES CEMETERY - Established 1938; Located just off Elm Pass Road, 3 miles south of Center Point; A 2-grave family plot; Oldest is Edward Bridges (d.8 Apr. 1938).

BROWN CEMETERY - Updated Established 1872; Located on Spur 100, just past the V.A. Medical Center; Started for the family of Joshua Brown, the County's first settler, it has over 65 inscribed gravestones.   A Historical Marker stands on the grounds.

CAMP VERDE COMMUNITY CEMETERY - Established 1892; Located on F.M. Road 480, about 2 miles west of the Camp Verde Store. Oldest grave is B.E. Oatman (b.22 Jul. 1835- d.Oct. 1893).

CAMP VERDE FORT CEMETERY - Established before 1874; Located about a mile past the Camp Verde Community Cemetery; In 1874, J.A. Bonnell purchased the 640 acres which included the grounds of the historic "camel fort", after the Confederate Army abandoned it as a military outpost; Mr. & Mrs. Bonnell are buried there.

COLBATH FAMILY CEMETERY - Established 1927; Located off Indian Creek Road; A private cemetery with 12 marked graves; Oldest is infant Al Colbath (d.1927)

CENTER POINT CEMETERY (R-Z) Established 1859; Historically significant for the more than 30 Texas Rangers buried there; More than 1300 graves; Oldest is Charles deGanahl (b.1855- d.1859).

CONN CEMETERY - Established 1900; Located off F.M.Road 1340, on what is now Bear Creek Boy Scout Ranch; 10 tombstones in this family plot.

CRAVEY FAMILY PLOT Located on Warren Ingenhuett Ranch, 7 miles south of Center Point.  Three marked graves.

CYPRESS CREEK COMMUNITY CEMETERY - Established 1860; Located on the private property of the Perry Lich Farm, on Lower Cypress Creek Road; Oldest tombstone is Laura Steves Boerner (b.1836- d.1861).

DENTON CEMETERY - Established 1874; Located on private property, on Cherry Creek in far east Kerr County; A 5-grave plot; Oldest is Nancy Witt (b.& d.20 Apr. 1874).

DRY BRANCH CEMETERY - Established 1882; Located about 5 miles west of Ingram, off Texas 27; A 14-plot graveyard; Oldest is A.L. McKeen (b.1828- d.Mar 1882).

GARDEN OF MEMORIES CEMETERY (R - Z) - Established 1904; Located about 3 miles north of Kerrville, on Texas 16; A perpetual care cemetery with over 3000 graves; Oldest tombstone is Simon Eckstein (b.21 Sep. 1854- d.19 Feb. 1904).  This is a cemetery which is actively used at the present.

GARDEN OF MEMORIES - NORTH - Established about 1968; Located at the end of Webster Street, in Kerrville.

GATES OF HEAVEN CEMETERY (K-Z) - Establish 1950; Located on the grounds of the Kerrville State Hospital; Oldest graves are those of Maria Alemon (d. 1950) and Ona Bell (d.1950).

GLEN REST CEMETERY (P-Z) - Established 1882; Located off Texas 27, near the entrance to Schreiner University in Kerrville. Oldest grave is Arthur Galbraith (b.9 Aug. 1880- d.12 May 1883).

GUADALUPE CEMETERY - Updated Established 1917; Hispanic cemetery located on Town Creek Road, just past the intersection of Bluebonnet Drive and Town Creek Road, in Kerrville. There are over 275 marked graves with the most notable being that of Father Kemper, who started the town's Notre Dame Catholic Church; Oldest grave is that of infant Rudolfo Reyes (d. 7 Oct. 1917).

HABECKER PLOT - Established 1930; Located on Lower Turtle Creek Road; A 4-grave plot; Oldest is Emil Habecker, Sr.(d.13 Jun 1934).

HARRIS FAMILY CEMETERY - Established 1886; Located 100 yrds. north of Delaney Hall, on the campus of Schreiner College. Originally part of the Harris Farm; A 7-grave plot; Oldest is Catherine Harris (b.20 Aug. 1833- d.14 Jan. 1866).

HEISE FAMILY CEMETERY - Established 1873; Located on private property, about 3 miles south of Center Point; A 3-grave plot; Oldest is Johanna Heise (b.1836- d.1873).

HENDERSON BRANCH CEMETERY - Established 1870; Located about 4 miles west of Ingram, on Henderson Branch Road; 27 graves; Oldest are twins Philip and Thomas Henderson (b.19 Apr. 1870- d.20 Apr. 1870).

HOLLIMAN CEMETERY - Established 1898; Located on the Holliman Ranch, off Bandara Highway near the Kerrville State Park; Family cemetery with 15 marked graves; Oldest tombstone is Holliman (b.18 Feb. 1824- d.12 Mar. 1899).

HUNT CEMETERY (See Old Japonica Cemetery)

LANE VALLEY CEMETERIES - Established 1907 and 1914; Located on Lane Valley Road, about 3 miles east of Center Point, off Texas 27; these two Black cemeteries have several unmarked graves in addition to the marked ones listed here.

MOORE FAMILY CEMETERY - Established 1861; Located on the old George Sutherland Ranch, between Old Center Point Road and Texas 27; A 2-grave plot; Oldest is Henry Moore (b.Sept. 1822- d.25 Oct. 1860).

MOUNTAINVIEW CEMETERY - Established 1863; Located off Sidney Baker St., near Antler Stadium, in Kerrville; Kerrville's first city cemetery with over 500 marked graves. Many are overgrown and have broken stones; Oldest tombstone is John Corn (b.21 Sep. 1818- d. Jun 1864).

NICHOLS CEMETERY (M-Z) - Established 1859; Located about 3 miles west of Kerrville, off Texas 27; More than 800 graves; Oldest is W. Rowland Nichols, killed by Indians (b.1805- d.1859).

OLD JAPONICA CEMETERY - Part 2 (M - Z)- Located on Farm Road 1340 along the river near Hunt. The oldest cemetery in Kerr County.   It is also known as "Hunt Cemetery".

REAL FAMILY PLOT - Established 1861; Located on the old Casper Real Ranch, on Lower Turtle Creek Road; 35 graves; Oldest is Sine Krey Real (d.17 Mar. 1862).

SAN JOSE CEMETERY - Established 1926; Located on Cypress Creek Road, near Comfort; Mexican cemetery with 82 marked graves; Oldest is Lupe Meleno (d.14 Aug. 1927).

SHULTS PLOT - Established 1892; Located on the old Alliger Ranch, in Camp Verde; 2 graves; Oldest is John Shults (b.10 Aug. 1822- d.12 Jan. 1892).

STARKEY CEMETERY - Established 1863; Located next to the First Christian Church, on the Junction Highway; 10 graves; Oldest is Jones Starkey (b.8 Sep. 1862- d.9 Sep. 1862).

SUNSET CEMETERY - Established 1872; Located 17 miles northwest of Kerrville, off Texas 27, just west of the State Fish Hatchery; More than 250 graves; Oldest are those of the four Dowdy children, who were murdered near their home (d.5 Oct. 1878).

TIVY MOUNTAIN CEMETERY - Established - N/A; Located at the eastern foot of Tivy Mountain, in Kerrville; a city-owned, unkept cemetery with 140 known graves; Oldest is Valentina Garza (d.1899).

TIVY FAMILY PLOT - Established 1888; Located on top of Tivy Mountain, in Kerrville; Graves of Capt. Joseph Tivy, his wife, sister and pet cat; Oldest is Ella Tivy (d. 8 Apr. 1888).

TURTLE CREEK CEMETERY - Established 1873; Located in the community of Turtle Creek; About 95 graves; Oldest is Miles Denton (b.10 Apr. 1857- d.21 Jul. 1875).

VERDE VALLEY CEMETERY - Established 1865; Located on the Verde Valley Ranch, between Center Point and Camp Verde; 11 marked graves; Oldest is Henry Lange (b.1833- d.1865).

VA NATIONAL CEMETERY (L-Z)  - Established 1923; Located on Spur 100, just past the Brown Cemetery, in Kerrville; 485 graves; Oldest is Ismel August, Pvt.41 Inf.(d.9 Nov. 1923).

WHARTON CEMETERY - Established 1871; Located on Wharton Road, about 10 miles southeast of Kerrville; Oldest grave is W.W. Wharton (b.1799- d.1871).


*** It is generally considered that there are other graves
in Kerr County, yet to be located.

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