Steve Alexander

Steve Alexander is one of the most prolific and well-known crop circle photographers, contributing regularly to the Crop Circle Connector. Over recent years he has developed a professional and more artistic approach to the photography of the crop circle subject and his work has been used in advertising, publications and media all over the world. Most notably he won a BBC photographic award and more recently has had his work featured in the top rated US television series - The X-Files.

See his Temporary Temples Image Library

Karen Douglas

Karen Douglas is a long time writer and commentator on the crop circle mystery. Over the last few years she has become increasingly drawn towards the concept of crop circles as a renaissance of old and sacred traditions, her idea of crop circles as Temporary Temples for the Modern Age has resonated with many in the crop circle community. Karen is also a recognised speaker and contributor to the Glastonbury Symposium, the largest crop circle conference held in the UK.


The Team

Steve Alexander and Karen Douglas live by Stokes Bay in Alverstoke, Gosport in the UK, with their daughter Kayleigh and their four cats. Steve is a photographer by profession and Karen works for a well-known UK based charity. November 1999 saw them launch their first book, Crop Circle Year Book 1999, the first in a series of books illustrating the unfolding of the crop circle phenomenon in the UK.

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Steve Alexander & Karen Douglas

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