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Home Server Nearing Release Status, Screenshots Released

Wednesday 9th December 2001

As SmoothWall Home Server nears release, we have added some screenshots to the site to let you see how it is progressing. The web user interface for Home Server, which allows the user to manage and configure the firewall server, has been overhauled for this release, and is virtually complete. We have given Home Server a more vibrant and lively interface to reflect its positioning in the home market.

SmoothWall Home Server is a modular home version of the popular SmoothWall Corporate Server aimed at the small network enthusiast, small home office worker and the family looking to protect properly their computer network from outside attack. It is scheduled for release in January 2002.

SmoothWall Ltd are a global security solutions house with commercial offices in Canada, America, Australia and across Europe. SmoothWall Ltd ( is the commercial arm of the highly acclaimed SmoothWall GPL project ( which has users in 14 languages and 107 countries worldwide.

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