The  5.7 x 28 mm SS190 ammunition

The 5.7 x28 mm ammunition family
Weight and size
Low recoil
High probability of incapacitation
High penetration hit
Technical data

The 5.7 x 28 mm ammunition family

  • The SS190 Standard Ball Round 
  • The L191 Tracer Round : visible trace from 20 m to over 200 m. Trajectory matches Ball Round. 
  • The Sb 193 Subsonic Round : for use with sound suppressor. 
  • The T194 Training Round : reduces backstop damage.

Weight and size

The SS190 ammunition weighs only half as much as 9 mm and its size allows the P90® submachine gun to carry a 50-round magazine which is only slightly longer than a 9 mm 30-round magazine.

 The SS190 is so far superior to commonplace 9 mm rounds, that the 9 mm is essentially obsolete for military operations.

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Low recoil

The recoil impulse of the SS190 is only 1/3 of the 5.56 mm ball round and 2/3 of the 9 mm ball round. 

It is easier to fire rapid aimed shots, as the sight remains on target. In the full auto mode, the low recoil significantly increases the controllability and the accuracy of the weapon.

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  High probablility of incapacitation

The SS190 ammunition will incapacitate the enemy in close range combat. 

The SS190 provides a virtually flat trajectory up to 200 meters, does not deform or fragment on impact, and the projectile’s tumbling action ensures a very high probability of incapacitation.


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The SS190 ammunition transfers nearly all of its energy to the target on impact, thus minimizing over-penetration and greatly reducing collateral risks to friendly / non-combattants. 

In contrast, a 9 mm round loses only 30% of its energy on the primary target and often causes unintended damage, well beyond the area of engagement.

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High penetration hit

While a 9 mm FMJ round will not penetrate modern body armor, the SS190 round will penetrate modern fragmentation vests and helmets at ranges up to 200 meters. 

Any presently available soft body armor that allows reasonable mobility will be penetrated : military and other body armors, Kevlar® helmets and vests as well as the CRISAT protection (titanium/Kevlar®).

The SS190 round will NOT penetrate protections that stop the 5.56 x 45 mm round ( steel plates, ceramic,...)

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Technical data :
  SS190 L191 Sb 193 T194
• Function Ball Trace Subsonic Training
• Bullet type FMJ Tracer FMJ JHP
• Color code - Red White Green
• Length 40.5 mm (1.6 in)
• Weight of round 6.4 g (98 gr.) 6.4 g (98 gr.) 7.6 g (117 gr.) 6.15 g (95 gr.)
• Weight of projectile 2 g (31 gr.) 2 g (31 gr.) 3.6 g (55 gr.) 1.8 g (28 gr.)
• Muzzle velocity        


715 m/s (2,346 fps) 320 m/s 705 m/s


650 m/s (2,133 fps) 305 m/s 640 m/s

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