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WTC Attack - Some Serious Questions
News Analysis by J.J. Johnson 11.01.01

With all the conspiracy theories floating around, a recent article has been published that might make even the most sheepish sheeple begin to scratch their heads. There clearly is more going on than someone is telling us. An article from the New York Daily news is frightening -- once you begin to look at the evidence. Let's go over this in detail, giving the government the complete benefit of the doubt. If any one has more information on this, please let us know.
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Cache of Gold Found at WTC Two truckloads
retrieved through a tunnel in rubble

Daily News Staff Writers URL Link to Complete Story Here

Workers at Ground Zero unearthed last night a buried treasure of gold, hidden for weeks under the ruins of the World Trade Center.

As a small army of federal agents with shotguns and automatic rifles stood guard, city cops and firefighters packed two Brink's armored trucks with the lode, sources said.

This is not a shocker, as it was rumored that as much as $160 Billion in bullion was stored under the Trade Center. Let's read on.

The sources said the gold was found in a delivery tunnel under 5 World Trade Center.

Ok -- stop right here: Why would gold be in a tunnel? Maybe someone was trying to get it out on September 11. Completely explainable.

"They are taking gold out of there right now," one source said last night. "They've brought in extra cops."

It wasn't immediately clear how much gold was recovered last night - or exactly how much was buried under the complex after the Sept. 11 attacks.

We heard up to $160 Billion - so it's not a big secrect.

The Toronto-based Bank of Nova Scotia has said its vault under 4 World Trade Center alone held more than $200 million in gold and silver. Bank spokeswoman Pam Agnew didn't immediately know if any of that gold was found last night.

Other companies are believed to have lost untold gold and valuables in the disaster.

For the last couple of days, construction workers - directed by the feds - had been clearing a delivery tunnel that runs under the complex.

So the feds apparently knew exactly where it was. We can assume someone told them (?)

Officials finally got to the gold through that tunnel yesterday, after workers hauled out a 10-wheel truck, several crushed cars and mounds of debris.

No bodies were recovered during the operation.

Huh?? Let's get this straight so far: $200 Million in gold; found in a tunnel; there were NO bodies found near the gold and the Feds knew it was there. Like, there wasn't anyone guarding that gold? Or there was, but they bailed out before the second tower collapsed? On foot??

As workers inched closer to the gold yesterday, authorities began restricting access to the north side of Ground Zero and FBI and Secret Service agents joined cops and firefighters at the site.

Meaning, they knew EXACTLY where that gold was.

"If I tried to go down there, they would have shot me," said a construction worker shooed away from the tunnel.

A handful of heavy-machinery operators and other workers, under the watchful eyes of more than 100 armed officers, built and graded a ramp into the delivery tunnel.

A small bulldozer knocked down a wall inside the tunnel, and a Brink's armored truck drove in just before sunset.

It came out about 7 p.m. with the first load of gold, sources said. A second truck entered the tunnel a short time later and also was loaded with gold before leaving.

A handful of construction workers were held over from the day shift, which ends at 7 p.m., to help.

"They sent most of us on our merry way," said one worker.


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Alright, take a look at Ground Zero. Notice where Building #5 is sitting. Also notice how close the federal building is to Building #5 (right across the street). According the report, the gold may have been moved from the Bank of Nova Scotia, whose vault was under Trade Center Building #4, adjacent to the first tower that collapsed. It was clearly being moved AWAY from the South Tower.

This leads to the question: did someone suspect building #4 would be so damaged (from a collapse) that it was imperative to move the gold immediately? Since the South Tower collapsed first and there were tons of debris in the tunnel, it is amazing NO bodies were found there guarding the gold. There clearly was more going on than a human rescue operation on September 11.

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South Tower wreckage on lower left




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