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Dark Age of Camelot (PC)
Why has Dark Age of Camelot taken the MMORPG genre by storm?
By - Aaron "PharCyde" Butler

You would think that after playing four massively multiplayer, online RPGs (Meridian 59, Ultima Online, EverQuest, and Anarchy Online) I would have seen it all and that nothing could impress me more. Well, I'm very pleased to say that that isn't the case with Dark Age of Camelot. Mythic Entertainment has let loose one of the best MMORPGs I've played to date. It's so good that Dark Age of Camelot has become my new crack habit.


Dark Age of Camelot is set after the death of King Arthur, who had successfully united his lands in peace. However, shortly after his death, chaos has crept into the land's three realms: Albion, home of the Britons; Hibernia, home of the Celts; and Midgard, home of the Norse. They now fight each other for control.

Character Creation

Each land is home to its own unique race of people and everything that comes with them. The architecture of the buildings, the style of cloths, armor and weapons; and especially the lands themselves, which are detailed with the individualism of the realm your playing in. This aspect greatly affects how you perceive things when you first venture into an unknown realm and are faced with its beauty, as well as its danger.

If you choose Albion as your starting realm, you can choose from four unique races: the Avalonians, a race skilled in the art of magic; the Highlanders, strong and hardy; the Britons, the common well-rounded race; and the Saracens, the quickest and most dexterous of all the races.

Hibernians can choose from four Celtic races: the nature-worshiping Humans, the Elves that specialize in spell casting, the giant-like Firbolg race that combines magic with armed combat; and the dexterous, spell-casting fighters, the Lurikeen.

Midgard is home to the Norse. Again the player has four races to choose from: uncivilized human Vikings, lumbering Trolls, dexterous Kobolds, and wise Dwarves.

Although thirty-three character classes can be played, you can only choose from a smaller list limited by your realm, race, and base class. For instance, should you select the Avalonian race of the Albion realm, then you have five base classes to choose from. If you pick the Elementalist, then once you reach level five, you can follow the path of the Wizard, who specializes in raining down destructive magic on enemies by shaping the elements of fire, ice, and earth; or follow the path of the Theurgists, who summons pets from the same three elements to attack targets.

It's recommended you do some research on all the possible combinations of races and classes for each realm before jumping in. You can only chose one realm on a particular server, and there's no going back until you've deleted all your characters. This is to prevent "spying" in Realm vs. Realm combat and not because the developers wanted to be mean.

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