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  From the VietNow National Magazine

He’s been called a racist by some, and a nazi by others. The politically-correct crowd has accused him of being intolerant and say he’s a bigot. And the left-wing intelligentsia claim he has no understanding of American history. But Barry Loudermilk isn’t having any of it. He knows the truth, and he’s not afraid to say it outloud.
In the weeks after the September 11th terrorist attacks I’d been growing more and more outraged by what some people were saying. I was tired of hearing about how we have to be so careful not to say anything that might offend anyone of a different culture. I was sick of hearing about organizations ordering even the smallest flags removed from employees’ cubicles. And when I heard about the Berkeley, California city council passing a “peace resolution” saying that any war we might want to fight against the terrorists was wrong, I was irate.
Thousands of innocent and unsuspecting Americans had been slaughtered, the economy had been knocked for a loop, the terrorists had threatened more to come, and yet here were a bunch of people right in our country acting like the whole thing was America’s fault and saying we should become even more careful to not offend anyone who doesn’t think the way we think. It was maddening.

Barry Loudermilk – A Guy Who Tells It LIke It Is
But then came a forwarded e-mail from Judi Dixon of Tri-County VietNow, and my mood quickly took a positive turn. Judi’s e-mail contained the text of an article that said just about everything I had been thinking, and then some. The writer of the piece mentioned some of the same unpatriotic outrages I had been hearing about, and then went on to say what he thought about the current wave of over-the-top political correctness.
Steering away from viciousness, and in plain, calm language, Barry Loudermilk took the mavens of political correctness to task in matters regarding the flag, our national motto, our national anthem, and the patriotic holidays we celebrate here in the U.S.A. After years of hearing and reading about how celebrating the values that made this country great makes us just a bunch of small-minded racists with no appreciation of other cultures, it was enlightening and invigorating to read the thoughts of a guy who’s saying we don’t have to take it any more and tells us why.

Stamping Out Political Correctness
As far as Barry Loudermilk is concerned, the days of political correctness and worrying about offending people who don’t understand and don’t appreciate the American way, are over.
After some internet sleuthing, I caught up with Loudermilk one evening and asked what had brought him to the point of writing the article. “I’ve written a few articles in the past, and I’d been seeing on the news all these organizations wanting to remove patriotic symbols, and talking about ‘offending’ people, and it got me upset. So one night I went home and wrote down what I was thinking. Later, I e-mailed the piece to a few friends, and while I was at it, I sent it to the local newspaper, The Bartow Trader, which had published some of my pieces in the past, and they decided to run it.”
Loudermilk thought that was it. He’d gotten his points across to a few friends, and knew his views were in the local newspaper, and that was enough for him. But it wasn’t over quite yet. About two weeks later, he suddenly started getting hundreds of encouraging e-mails and phone calls from people all around the country saying how much they liked what he had said.

Never a Lukewarm Reaction
And about 90% of those comments have been positive. People all around the country have latched onto what Loudermilk had to say and are hoping to hear more. But of course there are those who were angered by Loudermilk’s views. “No one just ‘kinda likes it,’“ Loudermilk says. “People either love it or hate it. There’s no middle ground.” And those people who hate it don’t hold back. He’s been called lots of names, many of them unprintable, but he’s not really bothered. “Lots of veterans groups have e-mailed to say how much they like the piece, and people from everywhere have called to say they agree with me.
“Some of the university types have written to tell me that I have no understanding of American history, but actually I’ve spent the last few years researching the character of our founding fathers. Not just the dates and places, but to find out what those men really were like.” And in the course of his research, Loudermilk says he’s found that the majority of our founding fathers were dedicated Christian men, and that our entire government was set up on Christian principles.
“Things are changing,” Loudermilk says. “I sense a tide of change that people are getting sick and tired of the way things have been going. If we want to look at where we’re at in America, and we want to point a finger at whose fault it is, we better point that finger right back at ourselves. Because it’s us. It’s all of us who have allowed this to happen.” True enough. But Loudermilk knows that we are also the ones who can realize what’s wrong and who can do something about it.
It’s Loudermilk’s opinion, and many would agree, that it’s time to stand up for what’s right. It’s time return to the original concepts of the founding fathers and the princples that made this country great. And it’s time to reverse the trends fostered by those who push the misguided ideals of political-correctness.

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