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The Great Muppet Caper

Great fun!
Great music!
Great adventure!

Charles Grodin and Diana Rigg star in a mirthful 50's style Muppet crime caper with jewels, chases, romance, daring stunts, and synchronised swimming!

Kermit and Fozzie are investigative reporters for the Daily Chronicle. With Gonzo as their ace staff photographer and stuntman extraordinaire, they head for London to track down a gang of jewel thieves. The trail leads them to an exclusive fashion house, where they meet the elegant Lady Holiday (Diana Rigg), who has a penchant for precious gems, and a suave brother Nicky (Charles Grodin) with a weakness for stealing them.

Kermit and Co. are assisted in their quest by the irrepressible Miss Piggy who has one eye on being a famous model and the other on her beloved frog.

The movie features the infamous bicycle riding scene where Muppets show they can do anything humans can. It also marks the debut of Miss Piggy and her synchronised swimming team.

Together with cameo appearances by John Cleese, Robert Morley and Peter Ustinov, the Muppets set out to apprehend villains, retrieve jewels and go for that magical happy ending!

Directed by
Jim Henson

Produced by
David Lazer & Frank Oz


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