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Rolling fog and gentle mist gave way to sun just as the Ramblin' Rose dance hall came into view ...the only structure visible on this stretch of 101 between Crescent City, CA and Brookings, OR. Wilderness camp grounds with a DANCE hall! All RV's in view belonged to the Sagebrush dancin' caravan couples for a week of fun, campfire friendship and weekend of cool, comfortable line dancing.

Event Director, DQ Johnson, hosted the most organized, but flexible 2 day workshop event I have ever attended. The dances taught could be changed at the Instructor's discretion with open dancin' breaks after every two lessons. The break allowed time to turbo review what we had learned & dance it again and still have time to do request list dances. The huge, immaculate wood dance floor held all 100+ dancers & vendors comfortably. The snack area with an always full ice bowl was MUCH appreciated.

A Thursday night social 'kicked-off'the 2 day event. JP Potter, our DJ, filled the requests ...and made a mental note of which dances filled the floor and which ones made the dancers get up off their chairs and try to follow. Those dances were played for Friday and Saturday night socials ...and he kept the floor full & a request list kept the dancers happy. Some Diehards danced til the wee hours both Thursday and Friday nights ...but JP was up on Saturday morning at 9 am to teach his newest award winnin' dance Deja Vu (1st at 2001 Chicagoland in beginner division in Non-Country). JP ( only 19ish) has a great talent for teaching a dance and for doing it in an entertaining way ...his awards speak for his talent in creating a dance ...his easy manner and humble disposition make him endearing to US and the young Dude sure can DANCE!
JP's report on Chicagoland and the Redwood Coast are on his website here.

Beth Sliter held her own Friday night dancin' Paradise Cha (Michelle & Mandy Bain) right behind Mr. John Robinson! For those of us who had to just watch cause we missed John's Friday noon time teach of this dance ...we could tell she was zoned into the music & the dance. Paradise Cha will be on Beth's teach schedule. Sharon and Mike danced side by side Saturday night doing Rolling Mist (Ernie Hutchinson) ...they loved the music! Rolling Mist will be on Mike Sliter's teach schedule. Ernie taught Clickety Clack late Friday afternoon (Metelnick/Hunyadi) ...this one is on my request list! What a calorie burner!!

Mike Sliter premiered his new Dream Catcher and Carmel Hutchinson premiered her @ The Hop. Michael Barr and Michele Burton drove up to dance with us on Friday ...watching Lou Ann & JP puttin' their hip actions into the couples version of Midnight Rendezvous (Burton/Barr) must have been fun for them to see! Bill Bader taught his oldie dance Jump In ... I happened to keep checkin' the schedule and saw it inked in! We all enjoyed doin' it this time around to "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters.

Lou Ann Schemmel (her website here) had planned & prepared to teach one dance and then inked Dreams To Share (Snyder/Miranda) onto the schedule just for some of US northern CA dancers is a hard dance to learn and a hard one to teach. We really did appreciate all the dancers who knew Dreams to Share & helped us get it into our heads and down to our boots! Lou Ann also taught Destination: Dancefloor probably the 'next must know sequence dance' for the fall festival circuit ...Beth Sliter will be teaching this Metelnick/Biggs creation at Pismo in September.

Bill Bader was on the workshop floor learning every teach right along side us ...and Grant was trying hard to assist Bill in his teaches! Bill is the one to thank for introducing Jan Wyllie's Pick-A-Pocket to CA dancers ...& I am told that his All My Heart, which he taught to us on Friday afternoon is going down well with the Intermediate dancers in OZ.

The 15 minute 'show' before the Saturday social featured the talents of Perpetual Motion (Michael Barr, Michele Burton, Juliet Hauser, DQ Johnson, Lona Owen) (their website here) and a solo dance performance by Mr. Showcase ...John Robinson (his website here.)

John Robinson was showing off his hip moves on all the dances he knew at the socials ...good thing he brought Andrew along to man his vendor booth ...John is a dancer and just can't stay off the floor if he knows a dance! & he even taught some of his favorites to the Diehards in the wee hours of the morning! John create dances to a beat and rarely sings or even knows the lyrics to the music he uses ...His Hot Potato is on top ten dance ballots in the USA & in the UK this summer.

Three socials and two full days of workshops ...we were bone tired and there were MANY happy campers still on the floor when we had to say good-bye right before midnight ...the party continued on. Tentative date for next year: July 26-27. Contact DQ to be put on mailing list for updates regarding next year: