Californians Evelyn Khinoo and Charlotte Skeeters taught line dance on Queen's Birthday Celebration, second weekend in June in Toowoomba, QLD, Australia at the 3rd Sunshine State Classic hosted by Event Director Terry Hogan. This mostly country music event featured a CWDIA sanctioned line dance competiton (Jenny Cryer & Eric Sellers - Co-Head Judges)  and 13 line dance workshops. Saturday and Sunday mornings started at 9am with a showcase of all the dances to be taught ...instructors  Evelyn Khinoo, Tracie Lee, Eric Sellers, Charlotte Skeeters, Carl Sullivan & Simon Ward had time to teach 1 or 2 dances in their hour slots. A hired bus shuttled 2 to 4 dozen dancers between the main ballroom/competition floor to the workshop hall every hour, but Rozanne Wild claimed a personal parking spot a few kilometers from the wood floor!

The 350+ event dancers sat at long white papered tables placed L shaped around the wooden indoor bowls floor ...3 rows of chairs lined the floor to the right of the stage. Every chair had a good view of the competition floor, but there was a balcony available to provide an excellent view. Those of us familar with watching the 'OZ Kids' on the comp floors were not disappointed ...Phil Bates had the pleasure of introducing the familar faces ... Brad, Chris, Justine, Leonie, Roxanne, Simon, Tammy ... I most enjoyed watching the talents of the mature generation ... Margaret Mary, and Cheryl, Elaine & Marilyn from the award wining Interpretative Team from Brisbane ...The City Slickers! 

Justine Shuttleworth blew away the crowd and earned herself a huge silver & gold belt buckle for her rendition of When You Walked In (Peter Fry). She had the highest single point score during this dance in the Adult Advanced Competiton Divison of Solo Dance. That dance sheet is here and the music is here. I am sure Peter was absolutely thrilled to see Justine do 'justice' to his hit dance!

The competition climax happened late Sunday afternoon ...the Interpretative teams had their go ...the smiles, audiance laughter and thunderous applause  ....I know the dancers could tell that we appreciated all their months of hard training, their efforts were in good fun ...and they certainly entertained US.

Terry hired 3 outstanding DJ's for the event. Graeme Jones - DJ for The Friday Social & Competitions - he played the 'oldies' list plus solo competition dances.
Saturday Night Black & White Ball - DJ was Chris Kumre ...he worked with a play list plus solo competition and workshop dances & he added TGIF (Perron/Thompson) just so he could dance with the California contingent ...only a hand full of other dancers knew this one! 
Sunday Royality Night Social DJ - Bill Larson ...who played the request list and also danced with us. (Dancers came in 'King/Queen' costumes dressed female ...Katheryn Cryer!)

The beginner dances taught at this event: Chains Of My Heart (Trevor Eaton), Honey (Judith Campbell) K.I.S.S. Cha (Eric Sellers) and The Lion Sleeps Tonight (Michael John Jr & Sr)

Intermediate newer dances and 'oldies' that I could identify during the socials: A Single Moment (Aiden Montgomery),  Abracame (Justine Shuttleworth), Alibis (Rosalie Mackay), Along For The Ride ( Terry Hogan), Badge of Honour (Ian StLeon), Bar Room Romeo (Ron Holliday), Begin The Beguine (Charlotte Skeeters), Black Dresses (Michael Barr), Blue Finger Lou (Kinson/Perry), Brown-Eyed Girl & Fly Like A Bird (Hedy McAdams), Callin' From The Heart (Michele Burton), Cha Cha Lengua (Neil Hale), Chilly Cha Cha (AT Kinson),  Completely, Cuban Heels, Don't Ask (Terry Hogan), Dancin' With You & Open Arms  (Sal Gonzalez),  DNTO, Madly Off In All Directions, Senorita Sway, Smokey Places  (Michele Perron), Fat Sally Lee (Arthur Smith), Hasta Manana (Charlotte Skeeters), Flying Leap, Girls Night Out & Here's Hoping (Terry Hogan), Hold Your Horses (Kinson/Mickers), Hot Tamales (Neil Hale), Jealous, Larger Than Life, Open Arms & Titanic (Simon Ward), Little Miss Rosie (Tracy Lee), Mack The Knife (Rachel McEnaney), Mama's Lil Baby (Charlotte Skeeters), Patient Heart (Foord/ Vera-Lobos), Perfect Love (Eric Sellers), Perhaps (Chris Kumre), Pick A Pocket (Jan Wylie), Please Remember (Gordon Elliott), Remember When (Sydney Dancers), San Antone Rose (Mike Sliter), She Said Yes (Mark Simpkin), Silk & Satin and That Night In Tennessee (Evelyn Khinoo), Southern Streamline (Mack Apaapa), Sunset Stampede (Ian StLeon), Sweet Temptation (Terry Hogan), The Dream Within (Roxanne Kumre), This Woman, This Man (Barr/Burton), Tulsa Slide (Terry Hogan), Wait A Minute (Warren Mitchell), When you Walked In (Peter Fry), and Woman to Woman (Tracie Lee).  NIGHTMARE (Terry Hogan) ...such fun to see Mr. Terry trying hard to re remember his dance ...he was trying to 'control' his long kingly robe while watching Simon and Roxanne's boots ...took him 3 rounds till the dance kicked into auto for him! He taught Nightmare to us at the Golden Gate Classic in 97.

(FYI ballots requested for the Sunday Social: Don't Ask (Terry Hogan), Little Miss Rosie (Tracie Lee), Please Remember (Gordon Elliott), Wait A Minute (Warren Mitchell), When You Walked In (Peter Fry) and The Dream Within (Roxanne Kumre). The complete Friday Social oldies dance program is here and Saturday dance program is here.

Bottom Line: Terry Hogan and his volunteer staff did an excellent job of organizing and hosting this country friendly,  country community event. The costumed dancers added visual atmosphere to the crowded dance floor both afternoons and evenings ...the line up for the evening dinners were long ...the food was outstanding. It takes hundreds of hours of hard work and a brillant staff of volunteers to keep the energy flowing and the dancers dancin'at a successful event! Saturday night was an early sell out ...The Sunday night social was a capacity bonus (Monday was public holiday in celebration of the the Queen's Birthday) ...I never saw so many crowns, tiaras, wigs, and jewels ...SUCH good FUN