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Sunday February 17 2002
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February 11, 2002

The Eraserheads' longtime producer takes a look
at the Marcus Adoro solo project

It is late in the academic mid-term period, and my mind is running on fumes from being a college professor and a Ph.D. student at the same time. Fortunately, I am still in a writing mood, albeit for more personal things.

It seemed providential that I received a frantic call from Marcus Adoro last night, saying I just had to come over and hear his latest "thesis". So I paid him a visit and was gifted with a set composed of a cassette, a large sticker, and a rolled up poster all entitled "Kamonkamon".

We sat down for a couple of hours talking about what he had been up to since we last met (which was upon the completion of the Eraserheads' Carbonstereoxide in November of 2000). His housemate Dong Abay (who I had dearly missed from the music scene since his self-imposed hibernation in the late 90's, and had not seen since he was my student in the mid 90's) showed up later, and we had an invigorating conversation about everything from the music scene to his take on Carbonstereoxide. After we parted, I popped the Kamonkamon cassette into my car stereo (and subsequently to a Walkman that I am listening to as I write this) and began an adventure that has been both refreshing and stimulating.

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Like the rest of the Eraserheads, Marcus has always had one foot in the mainstream, and another in the counter-narrative. His newest effort is no exception. The short (20+ minutes of music, with the same contents for both side A&B) work is an eclectic mix that run the range from field recordings, to short music-bytes, to raw blues-rock, to loop-based electronica dance tracks. Marcus tells me that this is an "EP" version of a much longer compilation which some people at BMG have actually already heard. It features some cuts completely composed and performed by Marcus, some collaborations (with Joey Smith and Dong Abay, among others), and some works from other artists (e.g. a guy named "Dangwa", and Marcus' son Akira). There are no writing or performance credits, just song titles.

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